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Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays

I received my order today! I know you've heard this countless times, but I just had to personally let you know that you are truly talented. I cannot wear perfume because the alcohol irritates my skin and most of the time the smells are so strong that I get migraines. Unfortunately I hadn't been able to find any quality oils since I relocated from DC to North Carolina, so I was thrilled when I came across your site. I only ordered 4 initially to make sure I would like them. So far I've tried 2 of the 4 oils I ordered, and your scents are identical to the originals only with no skin irritation and no headache! You definitely have another repeat customer. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us via your wonderful products. Many blessings to you on your continued endeavors.

Ms. Lucretia, You are the best !! These oils are actually a better quality than the "originals". Your customer service is above and beyond superior. I can't thank you enough for my samples. After receiving my actual order, my family loved their oils. Thank you so much for providing wonderful products , great quality, great customer service , and great value all in one. Department store .... what's that??You definitely have a "Soon to always stay broke customer for life" ! lol You, "Ms. L." are truly a blessing!
~P. Lee, Texas

I LOVE the fragrances. Annnnd I have others who will be ordering from you too, so if you see any orders from Buffalo, NY then you will know that your girl has spread the word about your fragrances. Now back to me, Lucretia This is all your fault..... I know your like, what is she talking about. I AM ADDICTED. I placed another order. Yes I did. I Melanie Hunt, placed another order with Lucretia body oils and sprays and I need help. LOL. But hey I just can't get enough. But I love the oils and I recommended you to everyone. My mother even placed an order and she is sooo in love with your oils. She ordered the queen and Holly Berry spray in the 1oz spray and the lotions to go with them when I placed my first order two weeks ago. We are both hook and this is a good addiction. Thanks again and will be keeping in touch.

OMG!!!!!, that's all I can say, LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!!! Just wanted to let you know Mrs. William I got my items. Thank you so much, I will be buying again,and again, I love me some oils, and I love to smell good all the time. LOL I know my little sister will love her SHE-BAG. Just try on so ViVA LA Juicy on, and let me tell you I work @ a Credit Union which is on site at a paper company which a lot of men work at and they are coming in, saying dang it smell good in here. Cant wait to go home and shower and try it out for the hubby. Again thanks and I will be keeping in touch.
~Ms. Vickie

Hi Lucretia,I'm so loving my order. The Mango body butter is off the chain girl. Love it, love it. I don't know what u mixing over there but keep on keepin on. God bless. Happy customer.
~Ms. Kim K.

I love the products i bought from you lucretia,thanx soo much for commenting my video,,also my bf loves his cologne and he ordered a micheal jordan cologne from you,,he couldnt find it any where and when he found it on your site he was soo happy,i will be a continued customer ,thanx soo much for being soo creative and tallented
~Chocolatedream (Youtube)

Lucretia, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU ....the oils are the bomb.com!!!! My Hubby Lovesss the pu#$y! I love them all. I def will bee ordering again. My signature scent is Envy me, and when I wear yours, I am very envied!!!!! God Bless,

Hey there!! I entered your "Rep your state" contest on Facebook, and received my free gift in the mail yesterday!! I was SUUUUUUPER excited about it, and then my MOM took it and said it was my birthday gift to her LMBO! So thank you ... from my mother lol! :-) God bless you.. I recieved the package on Thursday. Thank you for taking the time out and helping me. I love your products and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

Alright Ma'am, Now that I am totally hooked on your oils. I'd like to try out some of your body butters. My sister and a friend of mine (the one that recommended you to me) said, "they are to die for". My friend Tracy will not use any other moisturizer. So, could you recommend one of your best sellers to me? Or, even one of your all time favorites??? Thanks
~Ms. Joann

Hello,I got back in town last night and found my package waiting for me. I just wanted to say thank you for the complimentary Flower Bomb and Amber Musk! So far I'm loving what I ordered and the scents are 100% on point. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks again!

Dear Mrs. Lucretia,I just received my samples and my mother and I absolutely love them. I will be ordering from you very, very soon. Thank you so much.
~Ms. Murray

Hello again Ms. Lucretia. I'm writting to inform you tht I received my package today and everything smells GREAT. I am going to love this sugar scrub. Thanks again 4 everything.
~Ms. Honey

Hi Lucretia! I am doing well and enjoying my oils . I am very satisfied with my order and I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you so much for taking the time out to send an email and reimbursing me for shipping. It wasn't necessary but it show's alot about how much you care about your customers. May god continue to bless you Lucretia, you have a customer for life!
~Ms. E. Wash

Hello Ms Lucretia, Thank you for my order I just recieved it today. I love the scents. I will be be ordering from you again and spreading your news.

Hey Lucretia, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the body oils and so does my partner. They smell just like the real thing and last all day(and night). Awesome awesome stuff. Even my mum likes them. Will definitely be ordering more and you'll be to blame for the lack of space on my vanity top! :D Thanks a bunch!
~Aruna (Australia)

I just got my products, and WOW!!!!!!! All i did was open the body butter to smell it & it was on my hands and in the air. Smells great!!!! The only thing was I didn't get any business cards or samples. I wanna introduce my honey to wearing them as well. Can you please send me some samples for the most popular men scents and women scents. Thanks soooo much!!!! Will be placing another order soon.
~D. Nicole (YouTube)


~Angee (Youtube)

"Lucretia, for some reason, I couldn't update my review or put up a new one. But, GURL!!!!!!!!! Your Body Butters are FABULOUS. I am so addicted. My skin feels like pure silk. Thank you a million times over for ALL of your GREAT products. You are simply the "BUZINESS". May God continue to bless you. "
~Ms. J. Butler

My name is Denise , I own ####### Jewelry, I sell womens Handbags, Jewelry and Accessories. I am writing because I would like to partner with you to sell your merchandise in my store. Please contact me by phone or email.

HEY LUCRETIA..just got your email on my facebook about your 50% off promo code!!!..GURLLLLLLLLLLLL I"M DOWN...a few people at my Job want to try someof your cents so this a good oppertunity for me to order and not have to spend a whole lot and get them HOOKED!...LOL...Well hope to hear from you and much continued success to you and your familly GOD BLESS YA! PEACE....form your friend Tamara. Hi Ms. Lucretia,I just wanted to let you know that i received my package today. I know I wrote you a couple of days ago worried that maybe they sent the package back to you. I must say that they are really wonderful and thank you soo much for such beautiful products. Have a good one and be blessed.

Again, thanks. You should have received my email that I sent to my friends. I am soooo impressed with your attitude that I want to spread the word. If I can't patronize your business right now, I want to encourage my friends to do so. So, hopefully you will get some FB friend requests and some orders. Bless you, Lucretia.Check out this wonderful woman of God's site....Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays www.lawbodyoilsandsprays.com, she has a heart of gold and integrity. You can add her on Facebook as well. She has great challenges, contest and give aways. I have been impressed and you know how hard it is to impress me. smile. Loving you all,
~Ms. Edna

Hi there, I have heard so many good things about your company and decided to order, but the site was down. Do you have a price list somewhere, so I will know how much to put aside with my next paycheck? I know your closed for a few weeks, so that is fine.

I know u busy woman(LOL) but all I got 2 say is Goshdarn, I mean Goshdarn!!!!!! The first package I ordered came dis morning and I am at a lost 4 words!!! Your oils smell soooooooooooo good!! Very good job!!! I dont know which ones 2 wear! I got over a hundred scents from u but u get a standing ovation(need spellcheck)!! Cant wait til my stuff come from my sis/mom package! But anyhoo Thanks so much maam and I hope u have a safe and fun 4th of July!!!!!
~Ms. Taylor

First let me just say thank-you for doing what you do and your doing it so very well dear.... My name is Jessica and I found out about you through my youtube family/sisters/divas...I been looking around a lot lately and I had wanted to add to my oil and perfume collection but my **Lord** the prices was so outrageous that it didn't make any sense I would literally walk in a department store sample the smells and look at the prices and leave! LOL And finding you has been a huge blessing not only are you inexpensive--which saves us so much money. You get what you ask for and it's better then the original, but not only that my youtube sisters and diva's love you! And that there is just so wonderful to know that you are so well loved and respected at your craft...all i can say is keep doing what you doing hun and keep on letting the lord just bless you and return!!! I stay in a small town in NC so you just imagine how hard it is to come across some good smelling Fragrances LOL...I just wanted to let you know when i found out about you last night LOL I literally ran to your website and made a order this evening I been trying to narrow down my list all day and just got my top items and items that the YT fam did reviews on and loved! I also seen some more items that i would love to order but was unsure of the smell.. !

My oils arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and I just wanted to let you know I already have a review up on my website (http://theprettiestpenny.blogspot.com/ ) about your products. They are amazing and I've given up on department store perfumes for life:) Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

I just got my products, and WOW!!!!!!! All i did was open the body butter to smell it & it was on my hands and in the air. Smells great!!!! The only thing was I didn't get any business cards or samples. I wanna introduce my honey to wearing them as well. Can you please send me some samples for the most popular men scents and women scents. Thanks soooo much!!!! Will be placing another order soon.
~Ms. DNicole (Youtube)

Alright Ma'am, Now that I am totally hooked on your oils. I'd like to try out some of your body butters. My sister and a friend of mine (the one that recommended you to me) said, "they are to die for". My friend Tracy will not use any other moisturizer.
~Ms. Butler

Hello again Ms. Lucretia. I'm writting to inform you tht I received my package today and everything smells GREAT. I am going to love this sugar scrub. Thanks again 4 everything.
~Ms. Honey

I just received my samples and my mother and I absolutely love them. I will be ordering from you very, very soon. Thank you so much.
~Ms. M. Murray

Hello Lucreita, Thank you so much I just got my order today and everything is lovely!
~Ms. Wilger

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the body oils and so does my partner. They smell just like the real thing and last all day(and night). Awesome awesome stuff. Even my mum likes them. Will definitely be ordering more and you'll be to blame for the lack of space on my vanity top! :D Thanks a bunch!

Ms. Lucretia girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I am absolutely loving my customized Bath Bomb Viva La Juicy and Miss Cherie Dior. OMG!!! girl you don started something now. I just placed a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE order of your Bath Bombs. I can't wait to get them. Girl my family and I are so hooked on you and your products. Oh yeah! Thanks for the words of encouragement the other night! Love you so much! Keep your head up baby girl!
~Ms. Daphney McW.

Hi Lucretia, I'm so loving my order. The Mango body butter is off the chain girl. Love it, love it. I don't know what u mixing over there but keep on keepin on. God bless. Happy customer.
~Ms. Bush

Hey there!! I entered your "Rep your state" contest on Facebook, and received my free gift in the mail yesterday!! I was SUUUUUUPER excited about it, and then my MOM took it and said it was my birthday gift to her LMBO! So thank you ... from my mother lol! :-) God bless you..
~Shyloh8 (Youtube)

I recieved the package on Thursday. Thank you for taking the time out and helping me. I love your products and look forward to purchasing more in the future.
~Ms. McKinney

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU ....the oils are the bomb.com!!!! My Hubby Lovesss the pu#$y! I love them all. I def will bee ordering again. My signature scent is Envy me, and when I wear yours, I am very envied!!!!! God Bless,

Your products are wonderful!
~Mr. J. Gray

Hello, I got back in town last night and found my package waiting for me. I just wanted to say thank you for the complimentary Flower Bomb and Amber Musk! So far I'm loving what I ordered and the scents are 100% on point. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks again!

OMG!!!!!, that's all I can say, LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!!! Just wanted to let you know Mrs. William I got my items. Thank you so much, I will be buying again, and again, I love me some oils, and I love to smell good all the time. LOL I know my little sister will love her SHE-BAG. Just trie on some ViVA LA Juicy and let me tell you I work @ a Credit Union which is on site at a paper company which a lot of men work at and they are coming in, saying dang it smell good in here. Cant wait to go home and shower and try it out for the hubby. Again thanks and I will be keeping in touch.
Ms. V. Towns

yes i love the products i bought from you lucretia, also my bf loves his cologne and he ordered a micheal jordan cologne from you,he couldnt find it any where and when he found it on your site he was soo happy,i will be a continued customer ,thanx soo much for being soo creative and tallented
Chocolatedreamer (Youtube)

Hello Ma'am! I could not stay away, those fragrances are on my mind like crazy. After going to Macy's I knew I had to try again. Thanks for all of your patience and helpfulness! I can't wait to get these!
Ms. Taylor, Norfolk, VA.

Hey Lucretia, I just put in another order. Your oils are simply FABULOUS. Everyone in my family his hooked. Can you PLEASE send me some business cards in my next order so I can pass them around. People are always asking what I'm wearing. And, I would love to pass some more business your way. Thanks... And, God Bless you.
Ms. Butler, Rensselaer, NY.

Lucretia, you have done it again. The Viva la Juicy is wonderful. I put it on and received so much attention. I need more cards and samples. Love ya
C. Bostick

I just received my package in the mail, I love the size of the bath bomb. The opium body lotion feels like meringue on a banana pudding.
N. Houston

Hello,I got back in town last night and found my package waiting for me. I just wanted to say thank you for the complimentary Flower Bomb and Amber Musk! So far I'm loving what I ordered and the scents are 100% on point. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks again!

Hello Lucretia. My name is Melanie Hunt and I just want to say thank you for getting back to me. You are professional, caring and sincere and with that you will go far. I am very glad that you took the time out of your busy schedule to call me tonight. If you don't know it or not, you are a UTUBE star. You are black, smart and an a entrepreneur and that is the reason why people hate on you so much, but take all of that negative energy and keep moving on. Your phone call tonight was so uplifting and I needed that. Anyone would be bless to have you as a friend, wife, and mother. I know that GOD brings people in our lives for a reason, for whatever reason it is, I know I met a true real friend tonight and I might not know how he will use you in my life and vice versa.... But I am glad to have met you and look forward in doing business with you now and definitely in the future. Yours Truly,
Melanie Hunt

"God Bless You! You are a rare Jewel. Success doesn't come by us seeking success but by us being valuable. You are definately a valuable person." Thank you so much for quick service, and I am so excited about my purchases. Have a Blessed Day, and I really do enjoy your facebook fan page. Everyone is so nice and I love how humble and positive your are. There needs to be more women like you in the world.
Sincerely, B. Blunt

Oh Thanks so much!!!I appreciate it but don't appreciate how everything in my order smell so good and now I wanna order again!!! I am never gone have extra money. I wanna try everything. I need help! lol. But seriously, love love love my order!!! Thanks!!
T. Taylor

But thank you for getting back to me so soon. By the way I have alot of people placing orders with you from the Cleveland and surrounding areas. Keep up the good work, it's nice to see someone doing well. You have my business. Thanks again!!!
Andre G. ~ OHIO

OMG girl your Body Butter is to die for! I got the Lemon and Peach...um um um is all I have to say. I just placed another order for my Mom and Sister. They have got to let their body taste this! God Bless you!
Mrs. Carson Facebook)

Lucretia, You better get your Bath Bombs stocked. GIRL I am running low. I have to have them, I AM ADDICTED!!!
Keisha Z. (Facebook)

Ok, I know that I am late!!! LMBO...I am just now checking my emails...but CONGRATULATIONS on the warehouse! You are doing it! Now you got to get some more staff, because you are only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. TRUST ME!
Larese Mc.(Facebook)

Girl you need to get some rest. My sister told me that you were a busy sister over the holidays, and you still managed to do it with a smile. I am so proud of you and everything that you are doiing. I got my order today and babbyyyyyyyyyyyy everything was PERFECT and I LOVE the Low Cal Bath Desserts....WOW! I just placed an oder from some more....but I see that you are SOLD OUT of alot of them. Do you know when they will become available. Well I know that you are busy, so get back with me later hun. Love ya!
Sharon P.D. Facebook)

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to stop by and say that I am such a fan of yours. I just love your spirit and the way you promote everyone in their business endeavors. You have encouraged me in more ways than you know. It seems like everytime you post something spiritual on your fanpage, it seems like that was meant for me. Girl keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing, you can be often imitated by you can't be duplicated. There is only Lucretia and you are ONE OF A FIND! Love ya girl and GOD Bless!
S. Lewis-Scott(Facebook)

Hey mrs Lucretia. How are you doing? This is Lakeisha Anderson thank you for the oils. I received them tonight. My daughter told me to tell you thank you also. I am trying to get my list ready lol .The oils are awesome. They smell so good. My daughter is so happy. Now I just have to see what I am buying. This is my you tube page stop by anytime. Have a blessed day.
(Youtube subscriber)

I know that you do not know me but I just want to say what an inspiration you are to me. I have been wanting to open my own clothing boutique for some time now but I was always afraid. When I saw you and how passionate you are about your wonderful oils, it made me believe that I can be successful as well. I just wanted to take the time to write this letter and let you know that I am a fan of yours and you truly are my inspirations!! There are so many people who are always trying to cut others down to say something negative, but I want to say something positive because I want you to continue doing what you love because it inspires others to do the same! I am working on opening up my boutqiue next year! Stay Blessed,
L. West(Facebook)

Merry Christmas and have another blessed year! Wouldn't it be awsome to take your products on the home shopping network....would love to see you do it! You never know! or even in a chain store like Macy's! I know I'm not the only one who thinks all of your products are this good and better! smooches to you!
BMJM7 (Youtube)

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG MS. Lucretia these oils are of the hook, chain, meter, I got them today and def worth the wait you have a new customer and I m not going ANYWHERE!!!!!!! and I'm all the way in Baltimore MD. Your a God sent and I pray God Blesses u with all your hearts desire. You exceeded my expectation. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:):):) Another Satisfied Customer :)
R. Ross (Facebook)

I would like to say that I have been very pleased with the oils I've purchased in the past. I am extremely pleased with the (Men's) Usher VIP and (Ladies) Euphoria Calvin Klein I received the other day. I will definitely continue to do business with you. Thank you so much.
T. Carr ~Pflugerville, TX

Hey Miss Lucretia, I came home yesterday and saw my sample package from you and i loved everything i ask for i gave my boyfriend the Dreamer this morning he called me to say if anything happens to him ladies wise please dont blame him (smile) he likes it. I will be placing my order for more stuff thanks again and happy thanksgiving to your and your family God Bless I received my oils today and I absolutely love them! I will be sure to order more, and now my boyfriend wants some. Thank you Ms. Lucretia!
K. Peggs

I am interested in carrying your beauty products in our stores this holiday season. Do you wholesale your beauty products? The beauty shops, department stores, specialty stores and large chains we work with are actively looking for more beauty products to purchase this holiday season. We need a larger variety of products they can choose from, hence my email to you. Of course, you can pick and choose who you want to sell to. If you want to make a Christmas push and if you're interested in selling to more stores, now's the time.

I got my order 2day!!!! Love Love my oil. Thank you so much !!! god Bless you. And keep them come!!!!
~MzCarmelLion (Youtube)

Hello Again, I just wanted to thank you again, I received your package today... words cannot express how great I feel about your awesome customer service!!
Best Regards,Kenyetta

Lucretiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WOWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That's all I have to say! Keep up the good work! Love ya girl!
Kennedy J.

Good evening Lucretia. Just wanted to let you know that I received my Gift Certificates today. Thanks so much for offering these. This will be great stocking stuffers for my family and coworkers. This will also make my life easier so NOW everyone can do their own shopping with you and LEAVE ME OUT! Girl family can be too confusing/picky at times. Again Thanks! BTW the Gift Certifcates are beautifully packaged....classy lady! Well I won't take up your time, I know you are BUSY!
Ms. Larson ~ Canada

Congratulations on being the proud owner of your own WAREHOUSE! You said you were going to do it! WOW look how GOD works! I'm proud of you lady!
Roxanne McDaniel ~ Philadelphia

Hey Lucretia, I received ALL 30 of my Bath Bombs and Dessert Bars/Bubble Bars today. Girl these Dessert Bars/Bubble Bars are HUGEEEEE and beautiful, I almost hate to crumble them. I can't wait to give them out as gifts. I will be placing one more order before Christmas, so be on the look out. I know that you said that they are selling like HOT CAKES, I just want to make sure that I get my order before Christmas. Thanks Lucretia and may GOD continue to shine on you and your business!!! Girl you are doing it!
Rashaun P.(Facebook)

Hello Ms. Lucretia,I recieved the Marc Jacobs Daisy in the mail yesterday and gave it to my coworker and she was so happy she said it smelled soooooooooooo Good better than the real thing.. Thank you so much for your attentiveness. I really appreciate the great customer service.
LaTisha ~ Customer for Life

I received my order today and Lord have Mercy !!! Let me tell you something. Mrs. Lucretia's oils are top shelf. I will never buy from the department store again when it comes to my smell goods. Keep up the awesome work Mrs. Lucretia.
Yayvonnka M.(Facebook)

Lucretia your fragrances are just fabulous. I sprayed the real perfume(212) on one arm and yours on another and people could not tell the difference. I just love it.. You are the best and I will tell all my friends.
Chari B.(Facebook)

Let me be the first to say Lucretia's oils are tha *BOMB*! NEVER have I EVER had oils that smell this good and last this long! You go Lucretia!
Jamila D.(Facebook)

Hi Ms Lucretia, Hope all is well with you, i was on the train the other day when this lady came and sat beside me she was smelling so nice i had to ask her what she was wearing she was nice enough to tell me what it was and she gave me the information about your website. I checked it out and i went on Youtube and the reviews about your fragrances was super good. I want to know do you do sample sizes as i like to try before i buy if yes, how do i go about getting some. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day

"Hey,you're popular on the web, wonderful I am so happy for you and when you blow up I can say that I always saw you because you always delivered.
Andrea H.

Mrs. Lucretia, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the samples. I received them today. My husband called me at work and told me they had arrived. I could hardly wait to drive the thirty minutes home to try them out. I love them, I love them, I love them!!! Placing my order asap. Again, thank you so much.

Thanks you so much for the oils and samples. You are truly the BOMB. I received my order today and lets just say I'm blown away. The scents are perfect and better than I could have ever imagined. If I knew how to post a YT video I would do it. I think I will try to figure it out this week. Thanks for making such wonderful products that smell divine. P.S The title of this email fits you perfectly. Because of the recession many of us are finding ways to cut back. So buying this that are more affordable fits into that eqaution. After the recession is over I will still buy your products because of the quality. No more $65 and up for fragrances. Thanks Mrs. Lucretia
Yayvonnka B.

"Oh Ms Lucretia, I have spread the word on your oils and now I am trying to figure out which one to put on in the morning."
~Nandi C.(Facebook)

Got my order today. I am loving everything especially the Beckham Signature and Body Butter! I am a first time customer and now a customer for LIFE!
~Monica L. ~Florida

Good Morning Ms. Lady, Greetings from Australia, we love you over here. I saw your ad in the KUSH, i was shocked to see it, I was like OMG i know her, her products are incredible! You are quite the celebrity over here. I am still enjoying the Lola and Givenchy Play. I get so many compliments from people when I wear these. Well TTYL, I can't wait until Sunday to catch your sale. I've been spreading the word about you lady!
~Marion B. ~ Australia

Lucretia, When I grow up I want to be just like you. I am proud of you and ALL of your accomplishments. You are EVERYWHERE on the internet, I am sure some places you aren't even aware. YOU GO GRIL! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your Milk Bath and Shower and your Body Butter, this is amazing how you find the time to make these products. I am in Awwww right now! Well I just placed another HUGE order, this if for Christmas gifts. Thanks sweetie for making a woman feel good and pretty!Please enclose more business cards, I already gave out the others and I know for a fact that they have placed orders with you already.
~Leslie G.~ Arkansas

Congratulations Ms. Lucretia on the Warehouse! This is great news! I know that it is 'old news', but I don't check my email as frequent as I should. I am so happy for you and this HUGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE accomplishment. This is also a great investment! Well I'm not going to hold you I know that you are a busy woman, but I just wanted to say thank you and may GOD continue to bless you. Love you girl!
~Vikki G., Las Vegas

Ms. Lucretia! Picked up my package today from the post office! I opened it, and the wornderful smell just instantly lit up my house! I don't want to over do it, but I want to try everything I bought! I have told my mom, sister, bestfriend, and all my clients! They will be jumping on the band wagon of your lovely smell goods! I'm already plotting my next order! And it arrived so quickly for it to be regular mail! Everything was wrapped and packed so neatly...( I've had some bad experiences with ordering through the mail)! I am so pleased to say the least! May God continue to bless ya! smooches! And to those who don't know who you are, they are truly missing out!!!!!

Omg I love you, I received the package finnally and I am so blown away!! Haa! Girl you are the truth!! Your stuff is mine blowing!! I am so excited right now! I'm so in love with your products! Girl you put both yo feet into this!! You are the BEST plain a simple. You really made my day. I smelled the fragrances right when I opened the box before I unwrapped them!!!Everyone is going to wanna know what I'm wearing tonight when I go to class!I cannot thank you enough!! Thank you a million times with a zillion smooches!! You did not have to do this for me but you did and I truly appreciate you for that!!! I have not been excited like this in a Longgg time! Please expect to see more business from me very SOON!!
~Vanessa Xoxo

Hey Lucretia ..guess what! I got my order....really happy! The fragrances are awesome and now I have to take a shower as I have them all sprayed on when I was testing them lol! Thanks for your great customer service and continue to be blessed!Have a great week and you'll hear from me in the near future!

I love love love your products.... i'm always getting compliments on how good i smell and i always give you props girrrlllll. Keep up the good work with your business. god bless u
~Shayla Y.(Facebook)

Lucretia, Thank you for the great body oils and cologne's, I was real impressed and I plan to purchase more of your great products. Be Blessed!
~Timothy E.(Facebook)

I received my samples and I'm loving them. Will be placing an order very soon!!!

I just placed an order today and can hardly wait to unwind with my "Bombs" and oils and such! This semester is not over until Dec. 15th, but I just don't think I can wait that long!!!!! LOL Continue to be blessed in your business!

Hi Ms. Lucretia, I have made another huge and lovely purchase for your body oils, No I have not made it home from Iraq but my mother who is a huge perfume addict is there receiving my packages for me. She has informed me that she loves your oils which I still can not figure out why she has not put them back in the boxes when all I asked her to do was make sure they came in ok. But I guess if she loves them I will love them also.
~Allyneika B., LA

Ms. Lucretia, I went out and purchased some lingerie to go along with those heavenly scents that I received from you, so that my husband and I can work on populating the earth and thanks to you and your heavenly scents along with the lingerie we'...;re expecting a heaven sent angel. Wow, "Viva La Juicy" works. Yes Maam, and I owe it all to your bath bombs which makes my skin oh so soft and those oils that make me smell so sweet. You're more of a blessing than you realize. I'll definitely keep you posted, love you Ms.Lucretia.
~Shelley W.(Facebook)

I love the calming aspect of the lavender massage oil. It is not irritating to my hands, which is a major plus for me. My clients have been well pleased with the calming effect as well. They are also pleased with the fact that it is not oily, so they do not feel greasy after a session. The massage oil also has a pleasant fragrance. I also liked that I received a large amount for an affordable price. THANK YOU MS. LUCRETIA. (3 John 1:2) Continued BLESSINGS to you and your business !!!!
~Nichelle McCall~ The Owner of 'WORK IT OUT MASSAGE THERAPY'

Boy! Talk about the last to know. Girl you are on your game. Congratulations on your own warehouse. It won't be long before you will have your own chain of stores. I told you from day one this was going to happen. When praises go up, Blessings come down. You are in God's grasp and no one can touch you!
~L. Magestson ~ Conyers, GA

Hello Lucretia, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how beautiful you are. I LOVE your products and stand by them 110%. Your Body Butter is INCREDIBLE. I love the way it goes on my skin like silk and butter. Girl you better not ever give up the recipe for making this. What's in these little chunks? WOW is all I have to say. Keep on doing what you're doing. I am a TRUE FAN of yours and so are ALL of my friends, family, and co-workers. Love ya girl! P.S. I'm about to place a HUGE order of your new products. I am starting early on my Christmas shopping.
~Lakita B.~ Clarksville, TN

Thank you so much Mrs. Lucretia. I received my replacement order yesterday along with the second order I placed. Your customer service is on point. I keep asking myself why I slept on your oils ? I first saw Ateya's video last year and my daughter even asked me if I was going to order from you. Then I read the reviews on LHCF. Because I've had so many bad experiences with purchasing oils from other online vendors that I just assumed your oils would be the same. Boy was I wrong!! I started using body oils after purchasing the egyptian musk from another popular vendor. The first bottle of egyptian musk smelled great. People were stopping me asking what was I wearing and telling me how good I smelled. Sadly I was disappointmed when I reordered because the scent was just watered down. So I spent months ordering online trying to find the orginal egyptian musk scent that I fell in love with. I have paid as high as $12.00 for a 1/3 oz roll on bottle. No one can beat your prices. Thanks for making your oils so affordable. I have fell in luv with Love & Luck by Ed Hardy, and Pussy. I like all of the scents I have purchased but these are my top two. I keep lurking on your site , planning my next order. I wish you had a distributor in the Houston area, then again I do not want anyone else walking around smelling like me. I know I'm selfish!!
~Stephanie J. ~ Texas

Miss Lucretia, I received your body oil spray J'Adore and Perry Ellis fragrance, oh my gosh, I have been getting so many compliments and the smell stays on all day! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, and have been recommending your products to everyone! You have a fan for life!

Received my package love it!!!

Your products are wonderful! I will order some more in a little while. Thanks for everything!
~Kingsmarketing (Twitter)

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just placed my Christmas order. Thank you so much for offering Gift Certificates. Also I can't wait to get those Bubble Bars and Lo Cal Bath Desserts. You are coming out with some AMAZING products. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to include extra business cards in my order. I WILL be spreading the word about you!
~Maquita S.

Alright then Ms. Lucretia, gon with your bad self! Congratulations on being the PROUD owner of your own WAREHOUSE! I am so happy for you! Girl GOD is really FAVORING YOU! Be Blessed
~Casey D., California

Hello,I have heard such amazing things about your perfume oils and products. I would love to order from you can you ship do Sweden? And if so how much do you charge? Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter. Have a wonderful day,
~Audrey~ Sweden

Whatttttttttttttttttt!? Girllllllllllllllllllllllll Congratulations! I knew this day was coming for you!
~Monique B.(Facebook)

Hello, I just got my order and I am more than satisifed. I will definately be placing another order soon. Thx Lucretia!
~Sean G.(Facebook)

Hi, I just went and picked up my order. Everything smells sooooo good! Thank you so much. I'll definitely be placing more orders in the future. P.S. Thank You so much for your quick response. Everyone was right you have great customer service. Thx.
~Linda G.

Congratulations on the new warehouse location! This is a step well deserved for a deserving, beautiful spirited young lady. I am so proud of you! Beautiful October Newsletter Lucretia, but what can I expect from such a beautiful person! God is with you always!
~Maureen L.

Hey Lucretia .i got my order a while ago ..I haven't used the bath bomb yet but i love my flowerbomb oil. it smells just like the perfume and i save $100 thank you!
~Corinne A.(Facebook)

Ms.Lucretia, I'm a good judge of character and you are a beautiful woman whom makes beautiful scents. I received my order today and all I can say is, 'Wow", you have left me speechless with your amazingly heavenly scents; I now know what heaven smells like. You are a God driven woman, so I'm more than happy to wait until 10/07 to receive the bath-bomb, please don't forget about the samples and additional business cards that I requested.
~Shelly W.(Facebook)

OMG! Lucretia I am in LOVE with your Tshirt shop and MORE! I love the new items you just placed on there. I am placing an order RIGHT NOW for the Boy Shorts and Thong! I LOVE IT! Keep it coming Ms. Lucretia!
~LaToya E.

Ms.Lucretia, you've done it again; your oils smell heavenly and you're a phenominal woman. Even though I'm not a catholic I officially declare you to be the "Saint of Heavenly and Divine Scents".
~Shelly W.(Facebook)

Congratulations!!!! on owning your own warehouse!...you know news travels **smiling**...when it comes to Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. I knew eventually you would out grow the space you were in. Especially with all the product line you have. Your business is growing at the speed of lightening! This is AWESOME news Ms. Lucretia, I pray for you everyday and for you to have continued success. P.S. Make them eat your dust girl! Because I know they are reading this now! LOL!!!!!
~Sandy L.(Facebook)

BTW, I used the Vanilla Lavender bath bomb this morning. Big mistake!!! Now I want to crawl in my bed. This is so relaxing and refreshing. I can still smell it on me. When I get paid next Friday, I will purchase some more. My husband says I am spending too much money (LOL).
~K. Floyd W.(Facebook)

I received my order today and Oh my God the are wonderful. Ladies if you dont have her fragrances in your life you need to get them. Keep up the good work and God bless you Lucretia
~Renee C.(Facebook)

Congrat Lucretia! Prayer works!

Wow Lucretia a WAREHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Lucretia this is exciting news! You deserve all these blessings in Jesus name! Amen

Hello Lucretia, Just placed another order for your amazing Bath Bombs. I can't wait to get them!

I have just received my order and I AM LOVING MY OILS!!!! I am placing another one and I am splurging!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!
~Renee C.(Facebook)

OMG!!! Lucretia, you did your thing girl...When I tell you that Amazing Grace smells exactly like the one I buy in the store, it is amazing. And you are right, only a dab will do. Fast shipment!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
~Kim F. W.(Facebook)

Congratulations and Kudos to you! Gon' girl!

I just gotta say "Ta Ta" for your lovely scents! Everywhere I go, people want to know what I'm wearing...and how can they get some! I need more business cards girlfriend!
~Jamila D.(Facebook)

Ms Lucretia, all I can say is thank you so much! I received my 1st package today of the oils. They all smell wonderful especially Lolita. I cant wait for the rest to come. I will be a customer for life. I will be spreading your name all around Cleveland, Ohio. God Bless
~Candice T.(Facebook)

Congrats Sissy!
~Montelle L.(Facebook)

Hey Lucretia, I got my tshirt yesterday. I will be sending you pictures soon! I LOVE IT!
~Regina C.(Facebook)

Ms. Lucretia, I called you as you requested but your voicemail said that you aren't returning any calls right now due to the heavy call volume. So I did not leave a message. Girl you are one busy lady...but remember this is what you prayed for Lucretia. God knows our hearts and he answers prayers. I did not want anything just wanted to chit chat with you and tell you about my new business endeavor. I see on FB that everyone is asking your advice on how to start their own business. Have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker? Something to think about. Well Ms. Lady give me a call when you get some time. I understand your schedule. Love ya!
~Ramona K. L.(Facebook)

I am not suprised by the news that I just heard about you! You are in God's FAVOR that's for sure!
~K. (twitter)

Congrats Lucretia! May God continue to Bless you!
~Andy S. (Twitter)

Congratulations Ms. Lucretia you are most definitely moving and shaking!
~Marcia T.

Lucretia: Hello, hope all is well. I heard you on BlogTV. You are doing your thing and I am so happy for you and know that GOD will continue to bless you.
~K. Floyd W.

Congrats Ms. Lucretia job well done my hat goes off to you!
~Tammy L., Nebraska

Congratulations Lucretia! Girl I don't know what to say about you. Full speed ahead!
~Katie P., Tennessee

"I listen to the blog and it was nice hearing your voice that match the face. I migrate to toward positive people and I enjoy meeting movers and shakers. I am bless to be in your circle. Take care."
~Cynthia A. W.

CRETIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were beautiful! I am almost in tears over here. What you said was on point. I love the love that you spread. I love how you are not selfish with your success and that you are willing to pull others up with you. I love the way your promote other small businesses out there and try their products. I love the way you open your heart to me and encourage me to keep going and not let me sit down on my gift. Every time you email me...I be like..Uh-oh, I better have something going on with myself cause Lucretia checking in on me! Seriously, next to God, you are my inspiration to keep pushing. I love you and I love the God in you! You are highly favored girl.
~Keela H. (Facebook and my best friend)

Hello Ms. Lucretia! I received my frangrance last week and I absolutely love it. I have received so many compliments. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Take care!
~S. White (Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays NEWSLETTER September TRIVIA Winner) C.

Congrats Lucretia! Work it out!
~Tomeca C.

Lucretia! Lucretia! Lucretia! Congratulations on this HUGE accomplishment with you business. I had no idea that you were stepping out on faith like that. Girl this is great news! I am so proud of you and your efforts with your business. You have proven over and over again with GOD #1 ALL things are possible. Keep doing what you do girl!
~Daniella T. (Facebook)

I have heard and read so many wonderful things about your products and I can't wait to place my first order!
~F. Willis B. (Facebook)

~Claire (Facebook)

I am the young lady - (age has no number) !!!! - who called you last week. I live in MS about sixty miles south of Jackson. I want to say thank you for the warm reception you render during our phone conversation. No wonder Daddy (God) has his favor overwhelming your life. I pray that he continues to bless you in your endeavors. Continue to keep him first.
~W. McDonald~ Collins, MS (Facebook)

I just placed an order and can't wait until I get that knock on the door from the mailman. Mrs. Lucretia you are doing big things. Good luck and I wish you so much more success to come soon. I will be suggesting you for business to all family and friends. :)
~C. Greene (Facebook)

Hey Lucretia, Just know that if people have to get their ideas and copy from you to run their own business. Apparently they DON'T have NO BUSINESS! Because I surely don't see THEIR ideas on YOUR website, that's for sure. Everyone in town knows that you are ORIGINAL! You've been like that every since I've known you, and you know we go wayyyyy back. Keep being a trendsetter. Girl keep doing you! Love you always! P.S. Loving these Bath Bombs too!
~Cassandra P., Champaign, Ill.

Lucretia girl you are spreading like a virus! Keep up the good work!
~Wanda P. (Facebook)

Hi, I am not that new to youtube but I am one of the many that watches ateyaaa, and I saw her one day talking about your products. I was amazed but then also concerned about them. Unlike most I have extreme sensitive skin so I can not wear most perfumes because of the chemicals used or the ingredients in them. So I was like... I like this so, I purchased the small roll on, I waited about a week before just trying it on parts of my skin and I didn't break out. So I want to say thank you so much
~Japanlover (Youtube)

Video Reviews, Video Reviews, and MORE Video Reviews. I ain't mad at you. God is all over you and your business.
~Lashell P. (My Space)

Hey girl! I just placed another order for your ADDICTIVE Bath Bombs. I ordered the Chocolate this time. I can't wait to get it! Keep up the GREAT work Lucretia.
~2beme. (twitter)

Oh Man! Everyone was right about you! Girl your products are AWESOME. I got my order yesterday. This Body Butter is awesome, I can tell this is made by you, I have never gotten any body butter that spreads on your body like this. This ia amazing! I will be passing your business cards to everyone I know about you and your products. If they know like I know, NO ONE should sleep on you! Take care and God Bless
~Renae S. (Facebook)

Hey Ms.Lucretia!!! I love your oils and sprays and that raw black soap is a miracle worker! Thank you darling.
~Iesha W. (Facebook)

Hi Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I received my scents last week, and I must say that I love each one of them!! I don't even have a favorite at the moment because they all smell really good. I can't wait to try some of your lotions as well! I just became a fan on facebook, so I will be definitely be ordering from you again in the near future. Thanks

I love your personality...I ordered from you yesterday on Facebook. You are my new girlfriend, girlfriend. Can't wait to get my Philosophy inspired fragrances.
~Thatgirl5 (Youtube)

Just ordered my T-shirts! I will send you pictures when they arrive. My daughter is excited about rocking a Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays T-shirt. She now calls you her Antie! LOL We love you girl. We got your back and your front!
~Teresa L. (Facebook)

Baby! Baby! Baby! YOU ARE EVERYWHERE. Girl everyone is talking about you on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and I tripped out when I saw people talking about you on My Space. Lucretia you are in GOD's favor and this is your season and NO ONE can take that away from you! I am glad that I got to know you, you are more than just my body and bath supplier, YOU ARE MY FRIEND! Love you SISTAH!
~H.McNeithers (Facebook)

I got my smell goods today and they are delicious!! They are dead on for the fragrances that I was looking for. Thank you SO much, Lucretia. Now I have to go back and order the moisturizing body sprays to match to use after my showers.I couldnt wait to get what i got today and as soon as I got it and smelled it, I knew I should've gotten the body sprays. I felt silly putting in an order right after I got one but I had to have what i needed to complete my sets! LOL
~S. Rice (Facebook)

Just want to thank Ms. Lucretia for ample samples of some of her fragrances I received yesterday. They are magnificent and I encourage all of you to give them a try. They are nothing like the oils we used to get from the flea market. These hold true to the original fragrances and last all day. Proud to know you and support your business, Ms. Lucretia!
~E. Mouton-Lockhart ~ California (Facebook)

Lucretia, girl girl girl God is really working it out for you. I am amazed at the number of people that are loving your products and LOVING YOU! Girl you have the recipe for what it takes to make your customers happy. You need to pass that on to some of these other so called business owners that are about nothing but the DOLLAR. Gone girl! Do the dang thang.
~M. McWillie (LHCF)

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I received all 30 of my Bath Bombs today in one piece. Thank you so much. I can't wait to give these to family and friends for Christmas. I have another to put in with you and I should be set after that. Thanks for putting out such wonderful products.
~J. Carson (Facebook)

I made my first purchase after seeing Ateeya's video on Youtube. I'm glad I did! I've been getting compliments on the Egyptian Amber I've been wearing. You smell it ALL DAY -- and I mean it in a good way. :-)
~Yuri H-J (Facebook)

Dear Mrs. Williams I won the door prize at Reaching Forwad South in Springfield, IL last Friday. I just want to say thank you and that it was nice meeting you I will be ordering some more products in the future. Thanks again Karen J. Wilson
~K. Wilson (Facebook)

Mrs. Lucretia! I Love You and ur scents!! I (and neither can anyone around me) can't get enough of my beloved LOLITA and Michelle Obama!!!
~T. Gordon (Facebook)

~N. Parks (Facebook)

Hello Lucretia, I heard Ateya mention you last night in her video, I can't wait until tonight to see the one that she is going to do on your AMAZING Bath Bombs!
~Nicole L. (Youtube)

Lucretia, I just placed my T-shirt order! Can't wait to get it and rock it!
~Tammy T. (Twitter)

GIRL GOT MY ORDER IN TODAY, OH MY GOSH, I love them! Will do a video tomorrow...
~Ateya R. (Youtube)

Got my order today FINALLY! Loving everything! Thanks Ma'am for the samples too!

Good Afternoon Ms. Williams, My name is Edward J. Kingston. I was referred to you from one of your customers. I've heard raving reviews about you and your products. I've also done some research on you and found that your Customer Service comes HIGHLY rated among your customers. I know that you are busy and I've also been told that you really prefer not to travel or do vendor events, unless your time permits, due to your busy schedule/order volume. However, I would like to extend an invitation to you to come and speak to a mentor group of young ladies between the impressional age of 10-16. During the Month of October we are inviting Africian American Business Owners to come and speak for a Q's & A's about you and your business. You will be compensated for your travel and per diem hotel expenses. I would really love to have you. As I stated previous, I know that you are busy and this would mean ALOT to our youth if you could come. If you will consider this, I will gladly have my secretary send you an email with the details of the event and also assist with coordinating your travel arrangements. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are able to attend. Thanking you in advance!

I got my smell goods today and they are delicious!! They are dead on for the fragrances that I was looking for. Thank you SO much, Lucretia. Now I have to go back and order the moisturizing body sprays to match to use after my showers.
~S. Rice(Facebook)

Ok Lucretia I know that it's getting close to the date for your event 'Just Between Us Women', I also know that you have limited space, but I want to reserve my VIP tickets for me and my guests. Girl we can't wait for this, I know that it's going to be a blast. Shelly told me the vendors you have participating in it. WOW! Ooo weee girl you are really setting it out on this one! Please keep me posted!
~Dana S. Chicago (Twitter)

Congrat Ms. Lucretia on the Tshirt line. I am watchin your website everyday to see when you will post them? I can't wait to get one. Also when will you be making MORE of the Vanilla Lavender Bath Bombs? I am waiting on those too. Let me know. Your #1 customer/fan
~L. Green (Facebook)

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just got back from a wonderful Honeymoon in Jamaica, I owe a BIG part of it to you. My Bridal party was over joyed with the Bags that you did for them and my hubby and I throughly enjoyed the Honeymoon Bag (especially the Bath BOMBS) that you put together for us. I can't wait to send you pictures of everything. I know that you are going to Jamaica next Spring, I got some hot spots I want to you go to when you get there. GIRL FOOD FOR DAYS! Thank God that I don't have to try and fit into my wedding dress anymore. Well again thank you Ms. Lucretia you are a God SEND!
~Mrs. Winston (Formely Ms. Jason)(Facebook)

~Ms. Kimberly M.~ California (Facebook)

Lucretia, I got my order yesterday and I used my Bath Bombs last night!...in a nut shell...I WILL be placing another order today for some more! Believe that!
~L.McDaniel ~ Texas

Just wanted to stop by and say Hello Ms. Lucretia from the NETHERLANDS! We LOVE YOU!
~Ukirmaheka T.

Well when I got my package from you it was CD addict and my future hubby was all over me letting me knw that I smelled sexy! So on my wedding day I will be wearing sumthin frm you!
~Keyonda C. (Facebook)

YES! Similar thing happened to me today. I sprayed on my OCEAN LOUNGE this morning, and went to work. About an hour later, people started walking around the office saying "Tracey, we can always tell when you're here!" :-)
~T. Davis (Facebook)

I received my order today and I am LOVING Lolita Lempicka.
~B. McDonald-Locket (Facebook)

Bless you!!! Love the T shirts!!!
~Kimberly~ California (Facebook)

loving my dior addict, thank you again girl. definitely a customer!!!
~Lena, ATL (Facebook)

Got my order and I LOVE !!!!!! the oils. I got so so many questions about what I was wearing. May God continue to bless and strengthen you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~S. Cobb-Lincoln (Facebook)

Lady you are on your business! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my order that I got yesterday. Keep up the good work! I will be telling everyone about you!
~L. Gray~ Pawtucker, RI

Ms.Lucretia, you are a "Diva" and when I'm wearing your oils the "Diva" with the head held high comes alive in me. I'm serious about getting that second job, because, I'm definitely going to stock-up; your products,... they're worth it. Can't wait to get my bath-bomb, Elizabeth,NJ's post-office better get it right because there will be a fight.
~S. Walker (Facebook)

Ms. Williams, I used my Bath Bombs last night and I am HIGHLY disappointed, I am mad at the fact that I did not order MORE! :) WTHeck! Ms. Bridget on Youtube was right when she said they are fantastic and HUGE. I just placed another order for them and the Black Soap, I want my Mother to use these products she has very dry skin. I know once she tries it she will be a LOYAL customer of yours too! Well take care lady and God Bless. P.S. Don't forget to include my samples that I requested.
~Rachelle K. ~

Let me start out by saying CONGRATULATIONS on the T-shirt line. Girl you are the Business! I can't wait to get one, because you know like many others I am a FAN of Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. Lucretia I can't wait to see you 5-10 years from now (God willing)! You are going to be so big..well you are already that now **winking**! But seriously, you are so blessed and highly favored, this is your season, so rejoice and be glad in it! Love you Sistah!
~Etta L.(LHCF)

Hey Ms. Lucretia, I got my order today and girrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I WILL NEVER buy department store products again. Good-bye Bath and Body Works. OMG! This Body Butter is breath taking. I am about to place another order and when I do can you please send more business cards. I've already passed out the ones that came with my order. GIRL you are amazing! Take care and have a GOOD weekend! P.S. I can't wait to get my Bath Bombs that I ordered, people are talking all over FB and TWITTER about Ms. Lucretia's amazing Bath Bombs.
~J.McCray (Facebook)

Ms.Williams, Ms.Williams, Ms.Williams, sista girl you are amazing. I received one of my orders today and all I can say is, "Praise be to God" for blessing me to find you; these scents are heavenly. I allowed my mother to use a bit and,"Baby", I had to literally run and hide them. Sista, you keep on doing what you do, because, I have not ever had any that compares to your esquisite quality. Did I already say that you're amazing. Hugs and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXO. AN Abundance of Peace and Blessings, Your biggest fan P.S. I now have to get a second job, because, trust me I'm stocking-up
~Shelley W.

"Lucretia, Lucretia, Lucretia... You have a New customer!!! That bath bomb was ON POINT!!!!! Omgosh... Not only does it have Me smelling good, I can smell it throughout my house!! I am a Walking/Facebook billboard for you!! I know what to put in my bridesmaids bags next year! I'm recommending you to EVERYBODY I know! Thanks Giiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrllllllllll! Lol"
~Jamila B. ~ Urbana, IL (Facebook)

Congrats on the T-Shirt line. I can't wait to rock one!
~Toni C. (LHCF)

Lucretia, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received my order yesterday. Thank you so much for packaging everything so nice and tightly. I am really amazed at your products. I don't know if you've ever been to Paris, France but the water is very harsh here. So your products will be excellent for my skin. I really love the feel of your Body Butter, it just glides on your skin! Keep up the good work and I will be telling everyone about you Ms. Lucretia. P.S. - I did not have to pay additional International charges on the box either, thanks for the tip on how to prevent that extra charge.
~M.VonBonier~ Paris, FRANCE

I just received my order and I am AMAZED at how spot-on your fragrances are to the originals. I am in LOVE with all of my oils, especially Angel, Narciso Rodriguez Black, Love and Luck and Issey Miyake. Thanks so much for your quality products. You've gained another very happy customer!
~K. Washington (Facebook)

My order came today and I see now what all the buzz is about with Ms. Lucretia and her products. Believe me when I tell you, I have never! never! never! had any body butter like this. Girl how do you do this? I no longer feel crusty! LMBO, well thank you Lucretia for making such wonderful products, and thank you for being you, your customer service us SUPER!
~T. Blackstone ~ Melbourne, Florida

My order arrived today. All I can say is "WOW". I tried my bath bomb and body butter tonight. My skin feels silky smooth and soft like butter. As always I love the oils. I ordered some oils for my mom also. They smell so good. I Thought about keeping them for myself. I can't hold out on Mom so I better get them shipped off to her. Thank You! Thank You! Your products are awesome. Now I will just sit back and stalk the mailman for my next shipment.
~B. McDonald Locket (Facebook)

Ok Ms. Lucretia I'm really feeling these new tshirts. I can't wait to get me one. You know I love me some Miss Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays!
~Tiffany D. ~ Miama, Florida

Hey Lucretia! Hope you had a wonderful weekend...I got my order today and EVERYTHING is on POINT. I can't wait to use my Bath BOMBS! Your Body Butter is amazing, it reminded me of thick cake batter. You are AMAZING Lady! I will only buy my smell good products from you from this point foward!
~T. Lewiston, Dayton, OH

Hi Ms. Lucretia, I hope you are relaxing this weekend. My Brother told me that your sale was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! I just wanted to let you know that I received my Bath Bombs all 30 of them and in one piece. I can't wait to use them. This is my second order of them. I LOVEEEEEEEEE taking baths with these and can't see taking a bath without them. Well take care Lady and GET SOME REST! All work and no play is no FUN!!! ~ A customer for LIFE!
~T. Hughes ~ Lewisville, TX

Hello There! I received my order today and I must say, I am blown away!!! I ordered Viktor & Rolfs Flowerbomb and Pu$$y. Oh Em Gee!!! The Flowerbomb smells EXACTLY like the almost empty bottle I currently have. Where have you been all my life? LOL And the Pu$$y.....everywhere I went today, strangers were asking me what scent I was wearing...just unbelieveable! I will never pay retail prices again for my fragrances! In one order, you have made a life long customer. I will be placing another order before the end of the week! Plus I am telling anyone who will listen how fabulous your product is...LOL Have a safe and blessed weekend!!

Ok, you know this leaked right...Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays T-shirt line?! You know you can't keep nothing away from me. LOL, you are probably wondering how I found out. U GO GURL! I can't wait to get me one. When will you post them on your site? Will they be for sale or just for Promos. Either way you know that I am ADDICTED like many others are to Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, I will be getting me one. Ms. Lucretia keep doing you, you are most definitely a 'DIVA (Female version of a hustler)! I love following you! Thank you for being you. Nobody can keep a GOOD sistah down! You will surely rise above it!
~C. McHenry ~ Jacksonville, FL

Lucretia, I really enjoy reading your newsletters! September 2009 was fun and informative. I really enjoy how you pull others along with you. God will continue to bless you for that! You are such an inspiration!
~S. Turnbull (Twitter)

Ms. Lucretia, we ALL (co-workers and friends) got our orders yesterday and I see what ALL the hype is about! I used my bath bombs last night, and I tell you, I WILL MAKE it my business to take a relaxing bath at least 3-4 times a week. Girl these things are awesome. I am in LOVE with them. I've bought Bath Bombs in the past, but your bath bombs are full of oils. I could not believe how my skin felt during and after my bath and the SCENT amazing. Well we (co-workers) are about to place another order tomorrow, got to wait for Payday. Love how you package them too. Kudos to you Lucretia.
~Bernita S. (Facebook)

Hello Ms. Lady, I got my LOVELY Bath Bombs today! I only have one word for you and that is WOW!!!! I am about to place another order for a couple dozen! I see what all the talk is about now. Hope you have enough on hand! **Hee Hee** Well keep up the good work hun!
~Snoozuloose (Twitter)

Thank you Lucretia I love every single one of my oils!
~L. Pierce (Facebook)

Recvd my package today and all is well in the world now...LOL!!! Seriously though everything well package and put together and smell so good... you know its going to be on and poppin on the elevator now....LMBO!!!!!
~A. McCulley (Facebook)

Just recieved my third order found it sitting in front of my garage which faces the street(I'll run up on the postman on monday) I have tested all 12 of them I LUV ALL OF THEM!!! 7 of them are my sisters you now have two more addicts from CALI!!.THANKS
~W. Nelson (Facebook)

Hey Lucretia, I just got my order today. I don't know what to say about you!? You leave me speechless everytime I place an order with you. These Bath Bombs....How the he**! Do you do this? I am tripping on this. When I got my package at work and opened it, my co-workers IMMEDIATELY went to your site to place orders. I know that you make these yourself, I hope that you are ready for what's ahead. I told you, YOU NEED to hire some more staff! Mark my word! Well take care lady!
~Donna C. - Orlando, Florida

Thanks for having this awesome Back-to-school sale and also offering the PROMO Code for FB Fans, as you can see I really took advantage ($238.95) **Hee Hee **.
~C. Frances(Facebook)

Miss Lucretia I received my order today and let me tell you, I see what everyone is talking about. You are the BUSINESS! My Mother, Sister, and Sister-n-Law just place orders with you and they all want those amazing Bath Bombs and your Body Butter. I will be spreading the word about you every opportunity I get. People should not sleep on you. Take care Lady and thank you. P.S. I know you are busy but don't forget to send me my requested samples and some more business cards. Smooches
~Val P. (LHCF)

~K. Melton(Facebook)

Cretia Cretia Cretia your Bath Bombs are the Bomb. I just went to place another order and I see that you are SOLD OUT of my favorite. When will you be making more? I know that you are a busy lady so no rush, BUT HURRY UP! LOL Keep doing you Cretia.
~Andrea C.(Twitter)

YAYYYYY! I received my order today! Thanks Ms Lucretia. I love them all!
~B. Nicholson(Facebook)

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays is NOT just about Oils. Her Body and Bath products are AMAZING. I just received the Bath Bombs, Milk Bath and Shower, and her version of Body Butter the way that it should be. Girl Keep doing your thing. I told you I am going to write a letter to Oprah about you! Be Blessed!
~Patricia M.~ Anchorage, AK

I wish I could drink Lucretia's Body oils and then that way the smell would live in my pores so I would not have to spray myself anymore.....
~A. Addison(Facebook)

Wants to give a huge shout out to Lucretia! Owner of Lucretia's body oils and sprays! Her scents are the bomb! I just got her Dior Addict scent and its amazing. Google her! Thanks again gurl!
~Keyonda (Facebook)

Just stocked up on a few to find my favorite. This is my 2nd time ordering, and I must say so far I love everything. This is my first bath bomb order so I am very excited and can't wait for that. Wish you much success in your business venture....
~M. Caldwell(Facebook)

Handle your business Ms. Lucretia! Do it BIG!
~S. Phillips(Facebook)

I love Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays! I have ordered a bunch of them & I'm gonna get more of course but my fav is Vanilla Bean.... but you already knew that lol :)
~T. Clark(Facebook)

I purchased Ed hardy, Jadore, Sweet Temptations and alot more. I like those alot, but honey my favorite is Pu$$Y, I dont know what mixture of scents that is but honey, I stop traffic with that. I love your oils, i will be ordering more soon.
~S. Bowser(Facebook)

Viva La Juicy Is my scent...Just loves it!!! also coco" by coco chanel those are my favorites!! and yes they smell exactly like the real perfumes, I always get many compliments when i where them!
~T Waters (Facebook)

I just received my most recent shipment on Monday. Bringing my collection to about 20 bottles. Out of all, my favorites are Ed Hardy, Sexy Graffiti, and Juicy Couture. It is a pure joy "oiling" up in the mornings!!
~Tracey D. (Facebook)

Hey Lady! I could NOT believe that you answered the phone at 3 a.m. in the morning! GIRLLLLLL you are working too hard for me. I thought I was going to leave a message and when you picked up it shocked the HECK out of me. Talking about burning the midnight oil! Thanks for our conversation we had and thanks for these WONDERFUL Bath Bombs and Body Butters. I am about to place another order next week for my mother. She LOVED that Body Butter, when I opened up the jar, I almost wanted to eat it, it looked so good! Well sweetness, keep up the good work and GET SOME REST GIRL!
~Betsy S. W. ~ United Kingdom

Thank you Ms. Lucretia for being in the 'Blessing'Business! You are in God's Favor! I pray for nothing but success for you and your business! God Bless!
~Ms. Lewis ~ Laurel, MD

Your Bath Bombs are DA BOMB! I can't wait to place my next order with you on Friday for my next set. When will the Bath Bombs for men hit your site? I can't wait. P.S. International Customs was on point this time with delivery! Whewwww!
~Gloria G. ~ Great Britain (UK)

Hey Ms. Lady, I got my order today and I just placed another one! I am HOOKED on Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays products!
~Kim J. ~ Pontiac, MI

Lucretia, Thank you for taking the time out with me today and giving me some pointers on starting my own business. You are such an inspiration to me. I often watch you and Ateya on Youtube and always wondered what it would be like to personally talk to the both of you. You both seem so down to earth. I love watching your videos, especially the one about the boots! That video to this day has me cracking up. You are just a pleasure to talk to over the phone as I imagined. Lucretia, I don't think you realize what a special person you are and what a gift you have with talking and encouraging people. Your business will continue to go even farther than you can imagine, I know this! God Bless you and continue to be a trendsetter!
~Rajene P. ~ Almere, NETHERLAND

Just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays is the TRUTH! Her products are like no other. The oils are fantastic...but her Body Butter, and sugar scrub, and those BATH BOMBS are like WOW! Lucretia Lucretia Lucretia! How do you do it? I am really amazed with this Body Butter! Well really I am amazed with ALL of your products. I am spreading the word about you daily. Thanks for the extra business cards, this helps when I am out and about and people are constantly stopping me! Love you girl and keep DOING YOU!
~Pam J., ~ Wilmington, DE

Miss Lucretia, You are the BOMB! I want you to come out and set up your products for the Classics here in TN. I am willing to share a spot with you. I know that it maybe short notice...but please think about it. Your products are sure to be a hit. I will be in touch, I really want you to come!!!!! Pleeeaaaassseee!
~Margaret P. ~ Tennessee(Facebook)

OK, so your body butter is the BOMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB my skin basically ate it up and that sugar scrub. O.M.G. was just AWESOME Lucretia, thanks for hookng me up!
~Keisha D. (Facebook)

Happy Monday Lucretia! I just wanted to send you a message to tell you that I received my order. Thanks so much for getting it ALL in one box. This was a HUGE ORDER. I am glad that you insured it! I told my husband not to worry this order is for co-workers, family, and church members, he was like, "I hope so for $479.00 worth of product." Lucretia if you ever decide to wholesale or franchise out, can you please keep me in mind? I would LOVE to sell your products. As you can see I do an EXCELLENT job at getting orders for you. I know that you said that you get ALOT of request for people wanting to sell your products and that you are seriously considering it in the future, but I hope that you put me at the top of your list! People are LOVING your products and your customer service, especially the way you make your BATH BOMBS! They are truly like no others. I see that you are also a distributer for Face Paint Cosmetics. That's GREAT! Also congrats on the Atlanta deal. Well keep up the good work and Be GOOD Ms. Lady!
~J. McMiller ~Newport News, VA

Hello Mrs. Lucretia, I have just placed my third order. Can you please send me samples of "Look" by Vera Wang, Euphoria Spring Temptation, and "Chance" by Chanel. I really would appreciate it. Looking forward to using the black soap that I ordered. Thanks in advance.
~Your loyal customer from Jacksonville, FL

Hey Lady, I received my Raw Black Soap on today. GIRLLLLLL you were right, I will NEVER buy retail soap again. This is the Lick! LOL! I am a customer for life!
~M. McDonald ~Nebraska

Ok Ms. Lucretia, I just placed my first order. I tried to order a little bit of everything. All of my family and friends are talking about Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. I can't wait to get them. Can you also throw in some samples of your top selling fragrances? Thanks for the Promo Code!
~E.Rowe ~(Facebook)

Ms. Lucretia you are AWESOME! My family and I love your products and now my co-workers are ordering from you now too. Your customer service is SUPERB! My co-worker said when she talked with you, you made her feel like a sister! Our hat goes off to you! Keep doing you! People can try and copy you but they WILL NEVER BE YOU Ms. Lucretia! Think of it as a twisted compliment! Continue to be a LEADER not a FOLLOWER!
~J. ~(Facebook)

Wow, congrats! Like Kenni Burke said "Keep Rising To The Top"!!
~U. Paul ~(Facebook)

Gon Girl! Spread your wings, A-T-L-A-N-T-A..NOW thats what's up! You made the RIGHT connection with this one!
~Tanya R., Memphis TN

Ms. Lucretia congrats on the Magazine Ad with Kush Magazine and ALSO BIG congrats on the Atlanta Store deal. I can't wait to get some of these exclusive products in the store. WOW! Did you ever imagine that your products would be sold in a store? It's amazing how good GOD is! Well Girl keep praying, keep being beautiful, keep being original, and you will ALWAYS be in God's FAVOR! You are most definitely a business woman to KNOW and you are BLESSED! See you at the opening! P.S. I ordered some more of those amazing Bath Bombs again, this order should last me about a month! LOL...hopefully!Love you girl and keep up the Excellent work!
~Lisa D. Atlanta, GA(Facebook)

Lucretia, I speak favor from God over your family, business and your LIFE. Remember to always to honor and acknowledge God and he will do the REST!!!! You can BELIEVE that!!!
~Alfreda H. (My cousin), Chicago, IL (Facebook)

"Thax Love, I love u for the sake of the Lord, and cause you're you, beautiful, business minded and successful, and the list goes on beloved :o).Take care."
~Takiya (Facebook)

OOOOooo Lucretia I LOVE this milk bath. I love the fact that you can use it in the shower too. My skin feels really good and moisturized! Love it!
~Tavaris L., Texas

Girl, girl, girl you are doin'it!! I am so proud of U. Sista you are headed in a direction where no one can stop your sucess! God has a plan for you and I see .....money money monnay...monay! Stay as sweet as you are and continue to be blessed!
~Cynthia P.

Well I was going to try and not order me nothing but I just can't do it. I am either really sick or just hooked, but I smell great. I was cleaning, and one of those smell papers fell out of the magazine; Very Irrestible. It was smelling to good, that's what I want. Thanks again for everything. Oh yeah the bath bomb I cut it right? that's what a utuber said, but how many uses do I get out of 1 or do I just use the whole thing? I keep sniffing it....(smile)
~C. Alexander

Thank you so much! You really cater to your customers and that's the recipe to keeping them! Thanks in advance for the samples! Much Love,

Good Afternoon Miss Lucretia, Don't think that I am selling your products, but I can't get enough of them. These Bath Bombs are amazing! Since I've started purchasing them from you, I now take the time out to take MORE baths. These are breath taking! More orders coming on Friday for these Bath Bombs! Thank you so much Lucretia for ALWAYS keeping your customers in mind when coming up with products. Also, I LOVE Your August Newsletter, ALL of my co-workers have subscribed to them today and placed orders. They love how diverse you are! You are such an POWERFUL role model for ALL black women! Keep up the EXCELLENT work lady!
~Kimberly P., New Orleans

Hey Lucretia!!! its Shawana. I just got my order and i must say IM LOVIN IT!!!! The shipping was so fast! It looked like someone was tampering with the stuff. The bottles wasnt in the bubble rap at all. And i Know you wrapped it correctly! So i just wanted you to know how these postal people are up here its a shame to say. But anyway! I LOVE YOU! My Dolce and Gabbana the One Is smelling so right! You really saved me. Im a new stay at home mother of a beautiful baby boy named Idris. My husband has to support all of us and he does a good job but i cant afford my $65 bottles of purfume anymore. Your prices are on point! It smells even better than the " Real stuff"! Im telling everybody! Im a customer for life you have me hooked until death do us part lol! I just really want to say thank you so much... I dont know how you do it but you do it WELL!
~Shawana K. - Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Lucretia, I am LOVINGGGGGGG the Black Soap! This is great for my skin! I have SEVERE Eczema and was kind of skeptical to try this. WOW! This is the answer to my prayers. Thank you so much for coming out with such WONDERFUL products! Thanking you!
~Wanda M. (Twitter)

Hi Lucretia, Often times people only write to complain, but I felt a need to send you a big kudos! I received my order of body oils and I absolutely love them! They all smell like the designer fragrance. I read great things about your bath bombs and body butter, so I will be ordering that plus some more fragrances soon. Keep up the good work.
~Angie R.

Ms. Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, THESE BATH BOMBS are the BOMB! I am a HUGE FAN of Bath Bombs and I have NEVER and I mean NEVER had them this BIG and POWERFUL! O My! I am speechless! Keep doing what you do girl! WOW! I just placed an order for 10 more. I don't want to run out!!! I will be spreading the word about you, that's for SURE!
~Charlei Mc.- Flint, Michigan

Well my husband has finally had enough of me and my sons oil collection so as you can see I just placed an order for him but I wanna try a few samples before I order them White Gardenia,Hot Fudge Nut Brownie, and Falling In Love. Also that bath bomb smells so good I received it yesterday OMG. Like I said i need to just make a monthly deposit into your account. Loving you and thank you.
~Charmetra A. - Desoto, TX

Lucretia, I just checked out your NEW products. Girl you are most definitely my one stop shop for Bath and Body products. I just placed an order for the Black Soap and the Pure Shea butter! I can't wait to get them.
~Nancy C., Leland, MS

Lucretia, i received my order yesterday, OMG that Body Butter is like no other! It actually went on my body like butter. Once it touched my skin and body temperature, it immediately melted and moisturized. Girl I love it! You really come out with some AMAZING products, they are very skin tested and Mother approved! LOL
~Lashelia Mc., England

Hey Ma,I think imma order some of your Body oils and or sprays, I see everybody loves your products and I want to support ya cause I know if my mama was here she would try and buy you out..lol... but which do u suggest I try first? and how do i order?

Good evening! I am so excited about my order! Thank you for the gift you share with us!
~Shaunda, Huntersville, NC

Received my body butter today! Girl this stuff looks good enough to eat! Keep up the good work!
~Lovely4Life (My Space)

Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to write and tell you that you've made my two sons and my 3 nephews the MOST happiest little boys in the world. They received their 'Little Mister' Gift Bags and they were going crazy with all of the goodies that you put in there. I had to take one of the bags away from my newphew, because he all of a sudden decided that he wanted the basketball bag and not the baseball bag that I had ordered. Girl these bags are adorable! You've done it again lady! Take care and God Bless!
~Roxanne (Facebook)

Just wanna let you know that I received my samples and they are great. I plan on introducing your products to friends and family members and they smell just like the ones in the store.
~Aleen H. (Facebook)

Lucretia, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how great it was to unexpectantly meet and see you in Indi this weekend. I could not believe it, talk about small world. I kept telling my Mother, "That lady looks so familiar!". My Mom said well go over and ask her if you all have met. When you told me your name, as you could see, it was like I was star struck (LMBO). OMG! I hope that you did not think I was a groupie! You are just as pretty and friendly in person. You have such a beautiful spirit about you! I also put in an order for that 'True Religion' that you were wearing too. Well I've taken up enough of your time. Hope you enjoyed your stay!
~Nicole B. R., Indianapolis, IN

"Lucretia... why did my little sis ask me if she could have my Aqualina Pink Sugar oil, I brought from you? I looked at her like she was smoking something... smh!! Shoot I'm already missing three oils they claimed they don't have... no respect, lol!!"
~Ummilkhair (Facebook)

I can never say enough praise about you. We've never met but you have been so kind.. Thank you again!!!
~Patricia K., UNCF, Dallas TEXAS

Congratulations on reaching 5000 customers Ms. Lucretia! I am suprised that you did not reach that a long time ago seeing how so many people love your products and YOU! Your customer service is like no other! Again Congrats girl and I am sure you will reach many others in the near future and I have NO DOUBT that you will soon have 10,000 customers! Girl you better get ready!!!
~Michelle W. Compton, CA (Facebook)

Ms. Lucretia, Congratulations on the Magazine ad! I am glad that you went ahead and decided to sign a contract. Much success to you! You are truly BLESSSED! You are most definitely the business!!!!
~Sheena C. (Twitter)

"Hi Lucretia! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I love your body oils and I'm spreading the word daily! I hope you are enjoying your weekend (="
~S. Angel O. (Facebook)

Hi Lucretia, I hope you are doing well. I have become a distributor for Ardyss International. I know you've heard of body magic...lol.. Well, I'm trying to plan a very large party here in Dallas (in a few months). I like to feature some of your products and do a giveaway also. What package would you recommend as a giveaway. Also do you have any advice as far as getting out there among all the other people and standing out. You are such a good role model for women/minority business owners, I'm trying to motivate myself and succeed as you have... Thanks...
~Patricia K., UNCF, Dallas TEXAS

U know I love u right..u make smelling good sooooo easy :-)...I'm back baby...I'm back... I think my UPS family is wonderfing what happened....but I can see clearly now that the rain is gone..I feel a few good purchases coming up :-) ...Thank u Jesus
~K. Gillespie,(Facebook and MY FRIEND)

Congratulations sweetheart!
~Tan McCain, Texas (Facebook)

The devil is a liar!!!! He/she will try to steal your joy!!! Congrats Lucretia!!!! Go girl!!
~Lena Davis-Price, Atlanta (Facebook)

What 5000 customers! I remember when you only had a few oils in a bag soliciting in Jackson's. But when you have God's favor, don't need to say anymore!
~Bronz Heaven Bradford

Ms. Lucretia, what is next for you? You are doing it!!!!!!!! We love you and your products in Maryland!!! Keep up the good work. Glad to know you!
~Weslei Ann Davis, Baltimore, MD

WOW! 5000 Customers in such a short time! You most definitely worked hard for it, that's for sure! Good googley mooooo! You are the hardest working oil lady I know.
~Ann Terrell, London

5,000 customers! I am crying tears of happiness right with you!!! GOD is definitely good and will continue to lead you down the path of success! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Glad to be one of your customers!!
~Freida Johnson, ATL(Facebook)


Congratulations Cuz!!!! Keep up the hard work and continue in faith!!! Now let's work on 50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya.
~Tammy Hemphill(Facebook)

Congratulations My Dear Daughter! on reaching your 5000. Your Faith and Trust in God, your many creative ideas, your hard work, your high level of dedication to customer service and your high level of professionalism and good character have paid off. Your Dad and I are very proud of how you used ALL of your OWN creative ideas to come up with materials and products to make your customers HAPPY. Did I say, I love you? ....I do. May God continue to bless you and your business. No matter what! stay in God's good grace and you will go far.
~Minnie Pearson, Your Mother

I also received my new box load of products today. Just in time for my family reunion this coming weekend. Thanks much, and keep up the good work!
~Tracey Davis (Facebook)

Miss Lucretia, congratulations on earning the respect of 5000 customers. I saw this mentioned on several BLOGS today. People love them some Miss Lucretia. This milestone is only the beginning for you. I am so glad that I heard about you through Ateya. You know that we've had several conversations and most of them personal. I know how busy you are, but you ALWAYS take the time out to speak with me and then you end up making me laugh. I thank GOD for our paths crossing. You go above and beyond 'Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays' and that's why people FLOCK to you. Keep pushing and striving my Sistah! Love ya girl!
~Reececup (Twitter)

I love the rapport u build w/ur customers Ms. Lucretia. I feel like I am talking to a cool auntie instead of a sales rep. Two thumbs up and a big toe from me! lol
~Chana Logan (Facebook)

Hi Lucretia, womannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn what are you trying to do to me? You are trying to break me. I know that you just saw the order that I put in for the Bath Bombs!!! They are GREAT! My hubby wants to know when will you be done with the Bath Bombs for men? Girl you are going to get rich (you're probably there already) from these bombs! WOW! Keep up the excellent work and keep making those bath bombs!!!! I am a customer for life and so are my friends and family!
~Antonia L. Jackson, Charlotte, NC

The oils and the sprays are ridiculously cloned of the actual fragrance. It's worth every single penny! I'm in love, I'm in love with my Lucretia's oils and sprays!
~Tarcha Fulmore (Facebook)

Hey Lucretia, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Girl on the Atlanta deal! WOW this is wonderful news. I know that you must be excited! See prayer does work. This is such an accomplishment! I can't think of a better person that is more deserving of this opportunity than you! You are most definitely taking chances and stepping out on faith! This is great! I did not expect anything less from you. Do you know what exclusive products you will carry with this store? Keep me posted! Be Blessed my friend!
~Jennifer (Jenny) Reed, St. Thomas, VI

Hey Ms. Lucretia how are you? I know you have got a lot of orders to fill up your day but don't burn yourself out, make sure you get your beauty rest :) Anyway whenever you get the chance check out my video that I uploaded on youtube about your oils. My youtube name is tease785, hope you enjoy. Have a blessed day!!
~Toni Clark (Facebook and Youtube)

Ok so i just checked out the lil mister bags and i love love love them. I love the contents that you have inside and the scents are perfect. I look forward to ordering when we come from vacation. Thank you I am such a satisfied customer.
~MsLacey25 (Youtube)

Please please please do not ever change the quality of your oils. It is hands down the best oil I have come across. Since I've been buying your oils I have not and refuse to buy another bottle of perfume that fades quickly and costs a lot. I love that your oils come in small sizes to carry and yet in perfumed sized bottles. I speak very highly of your oils and even do so on the internet beauty forums. God bless your business and please keep up the good work. I just made a post again on Long Hair Care Forum about your oils.... I have to spread the word lol...
~Brittny White, New York, NY

OMG ITS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! IM SO SOFT!!!!! AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!!!! The bath bomb is amazing!! When you drop the bomb in the water you instantly smell the scent and when you get in the tub you feel all soft. And when you get out you smell really good and you feel so soft!!!!!!
~Miranda, Urbana, IL.

"Ms. Lucretia I am about to make my order and try the code. I will let you know what happens I cannot wait to get my oils. Thanks and keep doing what you do from what I hear and hope to see for myself it is a beautiful thing! Peace"
~Tina Lloyd (Facebook)

We LOVE Lucretia65 and her products on Twitter!
~Wannabme (Twitter)

Lucretia you are the BOMB girl and so are your products! I LOVE my Bath Bombs! God is most definitely directing your path! Your hair is ALWAYS FLY too!
~Sexappeal (My Space)

"hey Lucretia.. how are you doing.. I will be placing an order very soon.. I am almost on my last drop of PU$$y.. girl i must tell you that ppl love when i wear your oils. i am going to write a blog about you soon. Your products are amazing and everyone needs to know about them... stay sweet"
~Precious (Facebook)

Lucretia, I saw you in the paper on Tuesday, and I heard that you were on the news too. Gon GIRL! Represent Healthcare Reform! Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays is about MORE than just selling products, she is reaching out in the community in a very constructive way! I am so excited for you and glad to know you!
~Belinda Gunther, Champaign, IL.

I will ALWAYS be a Fan of Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays! This woman is doing BIG things!!!!!!!
~Marcus (Facebook)

Ms. Lucretia A. Williams, just a note to say can't wait for you to come to Springfield in September. To date we expect a HUGE crowd of WOMEN!!!!! I've got friends/family/co-workers begging at the bit to purchase your products. I hope that you are able to bring a variety of your products for this conference. Also if you are in need of ANY assistance, we have people on staff to assist you. I hope that you approved of the flyer and radio spot. We are quite pleased with it. Thanks Lucretia and see you in September.
~ Lelia McDaniel, Springfield, IL (State of Illinois)

Hello Lucretia, I just want to say that I just finished watching and reading some rave reviews about your body oils and sprays from of course Ateeya and some other ladies on Youtube. I also want to say that I am excited about my order and can't wait until I get it, because I am a perfume fanatic. I love to smell good, and love even more the compliments to have people wonder what I scent I am wearing...(smile). I also wanted to ask you, can you send me in my shipment a sample of the "Michelle Obama, and A Drop of Cloud by Issey Miyake." Thanks so much, and I can't wait to spread the word to my friends, Eastern Star Sisters and of course my coworkers. God Bless Lucretia..(I like your name..because it's also my grandmothers). Take care
~Deshawn, Jacksonville, FL

I have ordered from you before with Ateyaa's recommendation I love you oils they smell just like the fragrances if not better and last waaaay longer.
~Chanel Christian(Facebook)

Hello Lucretia, I just stopping by to let you know that I received my order yesterday. I LOVEEEEEEEEE the bath bombs and the Car Scented Diffusers! My car NO LONGER smells of cigarettes and other odors. Attention! Attention! Attention! If you haven't tried Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, you better ask somebody! Lucretia is the TRUTH! Don't be FOOLED by False imitators or someone trying to duplicate her efforts. Love ya girl!
~Sally McCall, Denver, Colorado (My Space)

"Sending some love to Lucretia from Lucretia Oils and Sprays - thank you for the awesome donations to Woman To Woman last night! We appreciate your generosity and support."
~Regina Crider, Crossroad of Life Community Church, Rantoul, IL

"Lucretia!!!!!! Girl when I saw you on the news yesterday, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was like, that's my girl, turn it up! Girl you are all over the place, I loved that Lucretia's Body and Oils is representing Healthcare Reform for all americans. I know that your staff are currently covered as far as healthcare, but I know what you mean about being able to provide AFFORDABLE healthcare for future employees. You did a great job on there, you did not seem nervous at all! I am so proud of you Lucretia, may GOD continue to bless you and your endeavors!"
~Regina Abernathy, Urbana, IL

Anxiously awaiting your lovely perfumes!
~Sad'e Smitherman, Australia

I love me some Lucretia's Body Oils!!! Go represent gurl like never before!!!"
~Ebony Gray (Facebook)

I loved your Bath Bombs!! Within a few minutes of dropping it in the tub, I could feel the moisture it was giving my skin. It made me feel and smell great afterwards! Another plus was that it left my bathroom smelling good J. There is a clear difference in my skin after using your bath bomb and I am for sure getting more next month!! One thing I think would make your bath bombs more popular is if you could offer them in the same scents as some of your most popular fragrances (such as Ed Hardy and Love & Luck. Maybe even a chocolate one ;) ) I would love to come out of the tub smelling like my favorite fragrance for the rest of the day :-P Bottom line is, I love your products! You can be expecting me as a regular customer of Law Body Oils and Sprays from now on. Thanks!
~Angela Pham, Assistant to the General Manger, Lincoln Square Mall

Its' only a matter of time before you have a grand opening in your own store in the mall.
~Audrey McCulley, St. Louis (Facebook)

You need to quit playing and go ahead and open up your own store, 4 real Ms. Lucretia!
~Linda Chaney, Brooklyn, NY

Diva! You are a female version of a Hustler! You are most definitely on your game! I admire you to the 5th power! Your customer service is like no other! Shout out from LONDON!
~Marcy VanDerchamps, London

"Here you go again I need to just have my check deposited into your account! Great sale! thank you. Placing order now!"
~Nacole (Youtube)

Hey Cretia, I got my Bath Bombs over the weekend and GIRL THEY ARE DA BOMB!!! That's what you should have named them! My skin felt so amazing after my bath, I did not even have to lotion or oil myself down like I usually do after a bath/shower. LOVE em' honey! I just placed another order for 20 of them. Will you do the pretty packaging for all 20 of them? Because I plan on giving them as gifts, so you know that will mean MORE orders for you. I can't wait to see what scents you come out with next. Will you be doing any for men? Thanks for the extra business cards too!
~Joanne Henry, Portland, Oregon

I keep coming back to your body oils because they are the best in my opinion. I plan to be a lifetime customer because I love the body oils and body lotions. Your oils last all day and I get compliments even when I think I do not smell like anything at the end of the day. Thank you and God bless you!
~Melisssa Stichel

"Thank you much and i love your oils! especially FANCY!"
~Latonita Foster(Facebook)

I am loving my new fragrances! You are the best!
~Tricey (Twitter and Youtube)


Shake em up Ms. Lucretia! Loving you and your products!

I am loving my oils. So does my (sorta) special someone. lol
~Ms. Diamond Doll,(Twitter)

thank you sooooo much for my sample oils. I have gotten many compliments:) Im ordering now!

I am wishing u much success!!! God bless you!! and I can't wait to get my order....lol!!

You are a true diva with a hustlers ambition! My mommy got me some oils from you but I'm bout to put an order in myself.
~Young and Saucy,(Twitter)

Youtube !!!!!!!!!!! Love ya girl !!!
~Angie D. Blackwell-Addison,(Facebook and Youtube)

You know i love me some Lucretia!!!!
~Audrey McCulley,(Facebook and Youtube)

Ms. Lucretia, I LOVEEEEEEE my order! Everything smelled GREAT and EXACTLY like the fragrances from the department stores! I told ALL of my family about you and your wonderful customer service.
~ Rachelle Marshall(Twitter)

You have the best oils in town and I will always remain a customer.....Integrity matters!
~Travonda Davenport, Champaign, IL

Lucretia you are such a DIVA, it's been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to ordering more of your products. Be on the look out for more orders from the Florida A&M campus. I have been passing out your business cards left and right. I am getting the attention of everyone on campus.
~Debra Anne L.

Good Morning Lucretia, Got my Bath Bombs today! Love the packaging!
~Reese Cardovia (My Space)

Ms. Lucretia, just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work and Congrats on the ATL deal! I look forward to seeing your EXCLUSIVE products on our market! You are doing it girl!
~Melanie Parker, HOTLANTA

Lucretia!!!!! You are tha BOMB!!!! lol...I'm addicted to your oils... Hey Youtubers! Lucretia is the real deal, she provides excellent customer and her oils ain't no joke!!!! They SMELL EXACTLY like the real thing!!!

"OMG I LOVE YOUR OILS and SPRAYS!!!! The scent last ALL DAY!!! I'm still working on my Christmas order but I will order more soon!!!!!! :)
~Shirley McKinney(Facebook)

"Someone gave me some as a gift, i've been trying to track you down..please help.. i would like to purchase some for my daughter.. your scents are a goldmine.
~Katrina Garris (Facebook)

"I love her oils if you have not tried them get up on dem they are hot and last unlike others."
~Semika Green (Facebook)

"I love your products!!!"
~Phyllis Landsdown (Facebook)

"Your oils have gotten me into troubleeee!!!, which is a good thing, lol"
~Vonda Vondiva Jackson (Facebook)

"The best oils and sprays around! Yes indeed!"
~Leah Cartwright, Houston, TX (Facebook and Youtube)

Lucretia, these BATH BOMBS are GREAT! I am a HUGE Fan of Bath Bombs and now I am a HUGE fan of Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. Keep up the excellent work.
~Lisa McCray, London

Miss Lucretia! Impressed is not even the word. I am in L-O-V-E. As you can see I have placed my 2nd order. Can't wait to receive themmm!!! Thanks once again!
~Tahirah McLean, Paterson, NJ

I found out through watching one of Ateyaa's videos. I checked out the site. ordered my first set of oils and have been a customer since! I refer all my friends and family and they love your oils as well :)
~Jasminn Winters (Facebook)

I was on youtube watching different videos and I came across Ateyaaa and she was promoting your business! So I went to your page and placed an order! Loved everything I received esp Ed Hardy for ladies! I need to place an order soon!
~Fatimah Schoffield (Facebook)

GIRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you put yo 'FEETS' (Ebonics) in these Bath Bombs!!!!!!!!!!! I just placed another order, and I especially love how you package them, felt like I was getting a Tiffany & Co. Box. Gon Girl! Bigger is coming for you, cause I heard that the ATL deal went through for you! GIRL GOD IS TRULY BLESSING YOU! I am glad that I got to know you. Don't forget about me when you get on Oprah, REMEMBER I was there from the beginning, when you use to GRIND IT LOL (remember carrying your oils in a plastic bag)! HA! HA! Love ya girl! Happy 4th of July! ~
~Wendy Ashton, Atlanta

I love your oils! I need to place an order really soon!!!
~Shawanda Lofton(Facebook)

Ms. Lucretia you know I love your oils, a couple of them in my last order I gave to my mom & she loves them too. You are great, keep it up, hope you have a happy 4th of July.... Hugs:)!
~Toni Clark (Facebook)

I love my Dolce and Gabbana. Lucretia Oils and Sprays are really great and I have not found any better Oils and Sprays. Lucretia is a true business woman that aim to please everyone. Lucretia thank you!
~Bridgette LeSure

You are so blessed and highly favored. May the blessing continue to reign. Praise God!
~Ba-hesya Harris, New York, NY

You really motivate me! Just wanted to tell you that. ~

Hey Sweetness, I got my order of Bath Bombs today, I only have one word and that is 'WOW'! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Everyone don't be fooled by FALSE IMITATORS, Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays is the TRUTH! TRUST! Ms. Lucretia has made alot of oil businesses step up their game that's for sure! Keep doing what you do Ms. Lucretia. I LOVE YOUR STYLE!
~Kimberly Kagin, Seattle, Washington

Ms. Lucretia, you really INSPIRE me. I really look forward to getting your Newsletters every month. Girl the sky is the Limit for you! I love you Ms. Lucretia and I am glad that I got to know you! We LOVE you in ATL!~Bernita Lewis, ATL all DAY!

Lucretia this July NEWSLETTER is awesome!!!! It's creative and interesting. YOU GO, GIRL !!!!!!! ~
Pam Burnside, Attorney at Law

Good afternoon Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I received my Bath Bombs today. I love the way you package them, they are almost too pretty to open. I will let you know how my bath experience goes after Saturday. Seems like I don't get to take too many baths these days, showers seem to be more convenient. Well take Lucretia, also do you think that you can make a Strawberry Kiwi Bath Bomb? I would love to purchase that from you. Well anyway have a good weekend and GET SOME REST!!!! My sister told me that your Father's Day Special was CRAZY with orders, I told her that it was your fault that you shouldn't have such EXCELLENT PRODUCTS. (Laughing) Maybe you will hire some help someday! Peace, LaShonda Douglas, Flint, Michigan

I Love your sprays!!! I found out about them on Ateyaaa's youtube channel!
Teosha Waters (Facebook and Youtube)

OMB! The bath bomb was DA BOMB! Of course like most people are when they get something new I was excited yet skeptical that this bomb could release all these oils and aromas and moisturize my body. So I ran my bath at about 11pm, yes I was not going to bed until I tried the bomb for myself. And note, I don't take baths I do showers, but I just had to try these bombs. So I ran the water and then when the tub was full of water I dropped the bomb in and watched it spin all thru the water, wow I was amazed. So I get in the water and soak and started reading my book. I eventually had to put my book down and just started rubbing my skin because the water smelled so good and the oils were mounting all round me. Lucretia Lucretia Lucretia!!!! These things are the BOMB! My whole entire body was moisturized. I got out and patted myself dry, went to bed, got up this morning and my skin was so soft and silky and I still smelled SOOO good! I loved it!!!! I will be putting in another order here soon! Now I have to start taking at least one or two baths a week!---
Shakeela Hunter, Champaign, IL

"Well I sure need to get one. Let me hit your site up, because I love your products!"!---
Jennifer Farrow, Champaign, IL

I would like to say I am very pleased with all the body oils and sprays you have Blessed me with... I smell so good, I hear that all the time, I hug a lot of people and they always end up smelling like me, and that makes my day as well as they make my day. I'm very happy and keep on bringing it to me! ---

A friend told me about Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. She's worn Jessica McClintock perfume for years and said that Lucretia's scents were exactly the same for a lot less money so I decided to give it a try. I now have over 20 different fragrances, they last all day and I would have never been able to afford that many different perfumes at the designer prices! I have shared this with all my friends and family and now they are regular customers just like me! ---JACKIE HUNTER, Champaign, IL

I would like to say that the roll-on body oils are my favorite and they last all day and they really smell just like the original. The price is just right and the quality is high end. My all time favorite is Clinique Happy. And I couldn't be happier with this company.--- MELVYNA ANN MERRELL

I first purchased oils from Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays around Christmas of 07. I purchased two for me and one for my special someone. Now being a woman who loves oils, I didn't know what to expect when I received my package. I was totally blown away!! My favorite is Burberry Weekend!! I can wear that any place and anytime and I guarantee you someone is going to comment on what I have on. Lucretia's oils last all day, unlike some of the other oils I have used before. I would recommend Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays to anyone, and I have!! If you ever want to give someone the perfect gift, just browse her line and I'm sure you will find a little something for everyone. Now all we are missing are the gift cards---IESHA JOHNSON, Champaign, IL, Customer for life!!

"I really appreciate being able to support a Black business owner and smelling good ALL THE TIME (winking)". Since the prices are so inexpensive, I can wear designer fragrances anytime I want. I have never had so many great fragrances at one time in my life. I really hate to run out of anything! I am officially an unpaid spokesperson for many designers!
:-)---SO-IN-YA, Champaign, IL

Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays are REMARKABLE. The fragrances are very nice and last a long time. Can't beat it!---MINDY, Urbana, IL,

I love Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, my favorite is Amen. This scent last ALL DAY and I NEVER leave home with out it! ---ROBERT JAMES HEMPHILL, Greenville, MS.

I use and love Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, I get so may compliments and it stays with you all day! I enjoy how it makes my body feels so silky and soft. And its easy on the pocket compared to "the big department stores" for the same fragrance!
-- CHARLE, Champaign, IL

I would highly recommend Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. There is a large selection to choose from. I have purchased many fragrances and was very satisfied with all of them. Plus, Lucretia is a joy to do business with and the turnaround time from purchase to delivery is A+++! --TAMARA CHAPMAN, Urbana, IL

I like to thank you Lucretia for going all out of your way to find me personally the fragrance I have long waited to get more of. "Pure Essence" I am savoring this oil because it is no longer an item any more and for you to get it just before it went off the shelf I am thankful you caught it. I love the smell of this fragrance and sad to hear it will no longer send out it's scent.
Shout out to Lucretia. Thanks a bunch. --PAULA GLADNEY

Lucretia's body Oils and Sprays are simply awesome! My Husband and I love how the scents last all day. All of her products are so affordable. I try not to run out of my favorite scents. We are also very pleased with the prompt service we always receive from Lucretia. We are very happy customers. -- MINNIE PEARSON, Champaign, IL

I love Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays wide variety of fragrances. I received my order promptly and am completely satisfied with how long the scents last on my body!" -- J2, Oak Forest, IL

"I love Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays! When I step out of the shower I spray it all over and rub it in, it is oiling me up and at the same time I smell good! I get compliments all day when, I wear the sprays! The service is great, prices are low, and my products ALWAYS come on time! Thanks Lucretia!! -- SHAKEELA HUNTER, Champaign, IL

I just want to say that I have been using Lucretia's body oils for about 4 to 5 months now and my favorite is Black Love in the roll-on and the shower gels. It puts me in a good mood and it has me smelling good. Keep up the good work Lucretia and I will be trying some new fragrances very soon.( May God keep you safe from all wrong doers)--VANESSA BIGGERS, Urbana, IL

My first time hearing about Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays was from a friend of mine who lives in California. She was referred from a friend of a friend. She went on and on about how Lucretia's oils were class A and the prices are very reasonable! Well, I decided to give her a try, seeing that I LOVE to smell good. I called Lucretia (on a Sunday morning), and I was quite impressed, she was very nice with ALOT of energy! She even told me that she would send me some samples if I was skeptical. Well sure enough...I got my samples a few days later...and I've been SOLD every since. I've told ALL of my friends and family about Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays. We LOVE Lucretia in TEXAS! By the way...(smiling) I am the one that suggested to Lucretia that she get her own website so that she can become accessible for the out-of-towners! LOL! --KIMBERLY JOHNSON, Dallas, TX

Pros: Inexpensive, several fragrances to choose from, and prompt delivery.
Cons: Haven't experienced any yet.
The roll on or the spray scents are great. I wear them faithfully, they are sensual and elegant. I can't imagine buying retail again. I am most impressed with the intense aromatic fragrances that are oil based with NO alcohol additives. A dab or spray will do you. The long lasting fragrances remain with you through out the day. I will continue to order and pass the word to others. I frequently refer Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays because I know I can trust their quality and their reliability. Lucretia also provides samples without any hassles. --REESE

Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays are the Bomb! Since purchasing from Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays I have not spent any money on any store bought perfumes, because I just love these oils. I've never had to worry about refreshing up with my oils because once you put these oils on they stay on; the scent is everlasting. I can't count the many times I have walked into a room and all eyes were on me because of these mesmerizing scents. You not only smell good wearing these fragrances but you feel good! -- JENNIFER FARROW

Since October, I have ordered five fragrances from Lucretia, one was for my husband. I simply love them!! They last all day and smell DIVINE!! My favorites are ARMANI CODE for women and RALPH LAUREN ROCKS for women!! They smell so good and I like the fact that the oils they contain are so moisturizing and good for the skin. I am so glad that I found this site and I don't plan to purchase any more fragrances from the department stores, (sorry Perfumania)!!! Keep up the good work Ms. Lucretia and God Bless you!!!!L. R. Michigan

Thanks so much for the recently shipped orders (Light Blue, Pink Sugar, Pear Glace & Wet Kisses). All of the fragrances are wonderful, however, Pink Sugar and Wet Kisses are definitely two of my favorites!! I have once again gotten a lot of attention after wearing them :) Whenever anyone asks what I am wearing, I tell them about your website and the huge selection of fragrances that you offer. Stacye

THANK YOU!!! I received my oil sprays today and I LOVE THEM!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! You can be sure i'll be spreading the word here in Barbados. Thank you , thank you, thank you. The scent is not over-powering at all which is what I usually get from other oils and I am on my way to ordering more.. will have to get a special credit card just for your scents. lol. I must also commend your excellent customer sevice when you kept e-mailing me to let me know what was happening when you experienced problems at the Post Office. Thank you so much...Julia Roberts, Barbados

Hello miss lucretia, i had to come on here and do this. I got my order today and I ordered last Wednesday and the shipping is just on point. I want to thank you for the wonderful fragrances that you have blessed me with. I got the d&g light blue spray and the vera wang princess, and i have to say that they are amazing. They smell exactly like the perfume. At first with the light blue I thought it was kind of off but when it settled it smelled exactly like the bottle that i have. Thank u somuch again. p.s. I am so in love with the vera wang princess. I will be ordering again soon. Finney23

Thanks Lucretia!!! Keep up the good work. My husband loves his oils. Thanks Again, Jamesia

It's Takiya from NY I was waiting for a sample fragrance ;o(, I know you're so........ busy plus I already ordered four oils ;o) (I couldn't wait I was so excited). I love them so much,girl you better get it. Your oils are the truth babe.I plan on ordering twelve more Lord willing, so my sister's can experience Lucretia Creations. May the Lord continue to guide and bless you always. Take care love stay blessed. Takiya - New York

I received the oils yesterday, and wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. They smell beautiful. Looking forward to purchasing more. Thanks again. Ama

The package came yesterday. Everything smelled great! Thanks again! Bre

I would like to say my mother and I are very pleased with the body oils sprays that we ordered. Both oils smell so good! Both my mother and I have noticed that the oil spray last much longer than the store dept perfumes. We are very HAPPY with your products. Please, keep doing what you're doing. I will be ordering more :)) Thanks again from a Happy Customer! Sherille/Anna

Are you seriously not selling P***y any more? THAT FRAGRANCE IS GREAT!!!!! Its becoming your signature. Oh yeah, thank you soooo much for the extras you put in the envelope. You have made a converter of me! I will never buy another perfume as long as you're around...thanks! Charisma Ennis

Girllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have started something now! I could smell the oils as soon as I opened the package. If you aren't a millionaire yet, you will be soon! I just love My oils! Latoya Acton

Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order today, and I am sooooooooo happy. I love all of the fragrances and I'm about to order some more (even though I am broke lol.)Thank you for the excellent service. Keep up the good work. God Bless! Blessing Olunlade, Amsterdam

I love them...I live in L.A. and it's tons of oil vendors but they don't come close to yours! My friend walked by me and said "damn you smell good" so I know I'm switching to your oils lol. Thanks for putting a great quality product out because I truly appreciate it. Krissy,Compton CA

WOW!!!! Received my package today. I am EXTREMELY pleased with your products. Take care. I wish you all the best with your business. Darlene (Military- Overseas)

Just wanted to say thanks for the fragrance!!!Love it!!!You have wonderful products that smell exactly like the fragrance. The shipment was timely and cost efficient and I really appreciate it. Also just wanted to know if you were going to have Nina by Nina Ricci added to you collection as well. Again thanks and I have been singing your praises to everyone so I pray you get more business coming your way.....Thanks Again! Zakia Kelly Gainesville, Florida

Thank You, I got my order yesterday... I love them!! Yesinia

The fragrances are such a hit at my school that I can't meet and talk with anyone without them saying what fragrance are you wearing!!Ms. Ruffin-Hawthorn - Fortworth Texas

I just had to tell you how much I have fallen in love with your sprays, (I ordered the P***y). I'm sorry the powder is out of stock-will they ever come back? In any case, I wanted to tell you, Well done and I look forward to ordering from you again and telling my friends all about you. Patricia Proctor

Thank you! I received my order today and everything smelled yummy :) Wishing you much continued success with your business. Charmaine

Hey there I got my order today and I loveeee them.Thank you so much!! Sheabutterr

LUCRETIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL. I received my oils today and I have to say that I will be purchasing all my smell goods from you. They are absolutely delicious. Kdahlia1

I have never been one to get into oils, but needless to say Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays are FANTABULOUS! The product is very high in quality and last much longer than the average perfumes. Ed Hardy is definitely my favorite and the compliments that I receive are non-stop! Thanks for providing such a great product at terrific prices! You are the bomb, baby sis! Freida - Hotlanta

Lucretia all I have to say is! WOW! We LOVE you in LONDON! I will be passing the word and also adding Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays to my website BLOG! SO GET READY FOR LONDON! International BABY! Ambersheia~LONDON

Received my order this morning. Wow! the smells are absolutely fantastic. Will be back for more in the not too distant future. Thank you ~Fiona

Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays Als je je favoriete parfum wilt hebben in de vorm van een oliespray die de hele dag lang lekker ruikt en nog minder dan de helft kost dan wat je ervoor betaald bij een parfumeriezaak. Dan moet je zeker de body oils en sprays van Lucretia checken. Lucrectia Williams maakt alle body oils en sprays in bekende (en onbekende) designer geuren zelf. Zij laat alle extra's waar je normaal teveel voor betaald weg, en voegt aan de body oil alleen de geur (35%!!) en een hydraterende olie toe. Deze body oils ruiken niet kunstmatig zoals dat bij veel andere kopies wel het geval is. Maar ruiken exact hetzelfde als de originele geur en bevatten geen alcohol! En je kunt werkelijk uit tientallen geuren kiezen, zelfs de nieuwste. ~International Customer's Website

I took my oils with me to Chicago for the holiday, you will soon have some orders I just sent your email address to several of my friends and cousins. They could not believe that your oils smell like the real stuff. I may place another order for my stuff (I gave it all away). My cousins and friends only order the original stuff, so for them to think that your oils are good I think that is wonderful. I wish you nothing but success my fellow SISTA. ~ Andrea Harvey

I received my order and I am quite pleased with the items. I am thinking about giving the bath fizzies out as Christmas gifts to my family and friends. Crystal Shaw, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I really wanted to say how much of a blessing you are as well. I have ordered your products twice and absolutely love them. You have allowed me to not only smell good, but smell good on a budget. Because of your amazing talent, I am able to try new fragrances without putting a hole in my pocket. FYI, I am in love with the Ed Hardy fragrance, I just love it!I was specially pleased with the prompt delivery and customer service. It is a pleasure to be able to support my own kind and watch your success flourish, I hope that God continues to bless you with creative ideas and continues to inspire you. I will continue to place orders again and again and again... I live in Massachusetts and have been passing on the word at salons, work, pretty much everywhere I go, YOU ARE THE WOMAN! Please continue your good work and best of luck in your future endeavors. ~A very satisfied customer ~Johanne Brice, Massachusetts

I recieved my order today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. This is my second time ordering but my first time purchasing Ed Hardy and Black Woman. I was reluntant to give them to my co-workers cause they smell so GOOD. I made sure I also shared your website with the people I work with. MUCH SUCCESS and I'll definitely be ordering in the future. THANKS SO MUCH. ~ Kentresa Riley, Washington DC

I bought your oils, and i must say i was so shocked. Number one your customer service is SUPER, we had some difficulty with shipping but you were so patient. THANK YOU, and your product is of great quality. My Juicy smells just like the $80 bottle i got @ Macys. So Macys will not see me in their fragrance department for a while because i will be getting my oils from YOU... Thank you so much ~ Leketa86

Ms. Lucretiaaaaaaaa honey honey honey...ms. lady...you are going to go so far in life! I can see it now...your oils are CLASS A. and your personality and customer service is OUSTANDING! May God continue to Bless you and your future endeavors! ~ Cpt. Pauline Lancaster ~ Germany

I just wanted to let you know that your oils and lotion were a hit yesterday(Christmas) with my sister. I ordered Burberry Brit for her and wanted to keep it for myself! I am so impressed with your product and I will definitely be ordering from you again. By the way, you now have a new customer in St.Louis; I gave my sister your business card. Thanks again, ~Shawnna Rice, Indianapolis, IN


hey girl, God bless you, you are a saint, i just got my oils today 2 days before xmas. you are defo the best when it comes to delivery especially as i'm half way round the world and you still beat packages local to me.lol. Colombian Dark ~ United Kingdom (UK)Overseas

Just got my shipment in today! I bought Ed Hardy for myself and Annuci for my husband. you have great product! It really does smell like the real thing! I've texted everyone in my address book to tell them about your oils and sprays. I put it on this morning and I still smell good!!! You've got a customer for life!!! I'll leave one of your cards at the beauty shop when I go next week!!! People need to know about this!!! LOL...Shana, Prairieville, LA.

Thank You Ms. Lucretia, the oils are fantastic......I ordered 5 different oils and the scents are exactly like the original fragrances. I plan to order more in the future for myself and my husband as well. The Holiday special you offered ($7.50 for the 1 oz roll-on.....awesome!!) ~ Veronica L. Johnson

I ordered some of your fragances some time ago. However, I never got around to sending this email. I had to let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase. I have so many perfumes and sprays. But whenever I wear one of yours, I always receive so many compliments. Just this morning, I had three different women in three different places ask me what I was wearing. (It was Sex on the Beach). I directed them to your website. Thanks a billion!!!! ~LaMiriam Johnson

HI Lucretia, Its me Audrey McCulley. I would like to share with you that you are just a wonderful person and that your products are wonderful as your are. Women at church can't believe that your oils are smelling like the costly perfumes in the department stores. I get compliments all the time. So thank you so much. Be Blessed ~ Audrey ~ Missouri

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I got my second order in last week and I have to admit! Girl, you are the "TRUTH!" My "Flowerbomb" smells so good! I get so many compliments on it! I will be ordering again very soon! ~Jayna1016

Lucretia your oils are amazing as well as your customer service. Every morning I close my eyes and pick my fragrance for the day :) I will place another order on Monday!!! Much continued Success... ~Chamirose

All I can say is wow! Amazing, I just received the samples and they smell (to me) better than the original manufactuer. I will definitely be ordering from you. I will also tell everyone that I know or come into contact with about your body sprays and oils. Thank you. ~ Samantha White, San Ramon, CA

Hi Lucretia, I just wanted to tell you that I received my burning oils which were the chocolate fudge and the Vanilla, also the perfume oils which were black woman and knowing. Well I burned the chocolate fudge oil last night, and the smell was so wonderful, and the fact that I woke up this morning and my home STILL smelt of chocolate I was shocked!!! I have the Black Woman on I found this one from Ateyas web site (she's another woman I love!!) Well even though the currency rate is kind of high I'm still going to continue to buy from you! Thank you so much again! Yours faithfully and a new customer from Canada! ~ Allyson, CANADA

I wanted to stop by and let you know that I just love your oils!I decided to try them after viewing ateyaaa's video about them and I have no regrets. I will be doing business with you from now on. God Bless you! ~ chocolatesilk23

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received my oils from you and I love every last one of them!!!! Thanks so much! ~Cortrell

Thank you so much! I received my products and I love them. I will definitely order again. Peace and Blessings!

Ms. Lucretia your oils are the business! I had my order shipped to my job! Blackwoman and Juicy Couture! Oh my goodness! My co-workers immediately place their orders! and guess what? I placed another order while I was opening up my order! lol thank you so much! I am a customer for life! ~QUEENTHICK007

Confirmation # F1847439E4 !!!.....OOpps....I guess I made a mistake and placed another order...LOL....Girl you and your husband are gonna get a new flat screen on just my orders alone...sad.....LOL...The goal is to replace ALL of my perfumes with your oils and then I think in the back of my mind that its alot of money but then the lady that sits on my right shoulder whispers that they are ONLY $15 each and then I dont feel guilty anymore. I did get my husband 3 of them so he can complain about this one...LOL...send me some samples of things you think I might like and I'll place another order next month. Damn I'm glad I found you!! Probably vice versa right? Have a good weekend. ~ Ms. Angie Addison, St. Paul Minnesota

Hi Ms Lucretia i just got those samples you sent ohh my god they smell sooo good you've done it again umm umm umm i 'm speachless stop doing me like this but i want to THANK YOU ,THANK YOU,THANK YOU now you know i'm bout to get this tax money and give it all to :) ~budaluvaz

Receipt ID: 3859-1850-6742-6796 !!!!!!! I cant wait to get my order......You already know which CRAZY perfume nut this is...LOL....My sister said that she was going to try mine when I got my order and she wants like over $200 worth....BAM!!...I am still not done....I just ordered like $130 worth and I will get like 3 more orders until I have all the scents I want...I kind of have a shopping problem and as long as I keep each purchase under $200 my husband doesnt notice it....LOL....yeah....it's that bad... I have to be strategic with mine...but I cant wait. ~Ms. Angie Addison, St. Paul Minnesota! LOL

i know i already commented on here but today i wore the other scent i ordered, my beloved escada rocking rio and it is ON POINT! people have noticed, including my coworker, who finally couldn't help herself and asked, what are you wearing? immediately, i came on here to thank you. thank youuuuu!!!! you are so the best. :-) ps: i will keep wearing the other one until i turn heads. haha ~Syrgirl

Okay....I am going TRY to express my emotions without acting a plum fool....Your oils are THE DAMN BOMB!!!!!!!!! It was a mixture between excitement, confusion and pure JOY when I put that glass¿ bottle to my nose and smelled it. The reason why I was confused it because I was wondering why I havent found you until now...LOL. I was testing the Chanel Chance to the real one that I have and it is the exact SAME smell but the kicker is that the smell lingers on you and what ever room you go into. I have made the PERMANENT decision that it is conducive to my perfume addition to buy from ONLY you. I am and always will be a customer of yours. Real talk. I just can't believe this.... What the hell?!?!? This stuff smells just like the real thing !!!!! Oh...and that PUSSY....GGiiirrlllllll......and the Amber Mist.....Wow. This is crazy. Let me stop typing before you block me....LOL....I am still in awe~Ms. Angie Addison, St. Paul Minnesota! LOL

Hi Miss Lucretia!! I just got my oils today...I LOVE THEM!! My husband was kissing me and was like "u taste like apples!" Thank u soooo much...def will be referring other people to you and ordering more stuff as well!!! ~ kaiulani18

**EXTRA**EXTRA** READ ALL ABOUT IT** I have placed not one but 2 orders from Lucretia and her products are the TRUTH!! I purchased something not only for myself but for my hubby as well and I will be ordering more very very soon!!!! ~ JAZZIIBOO

I like the new advertisement. Just wanted you to know I forwarded it to my friends and family. Take care. -Tomecia

Ladies you will not be disappointed!!!! I LOVE your products!!! I bought my first 2 and the second it came and I saw how good they smelled I ordered my next wave that day!!!~ Irrfg8

Hello, Ms. Lucretia...I received my first order today, and I have to say I'm so very disappointed. I only ordered a lotion and spray. What was I thinking?? Now, I have to go and make a bigger order and wait! lol I'm loving the scent! I was in my car on the phone, and told my cousin, "I am really feeling myself with this new fragrance!" So, from now on my orders will only be large ones! ; ) ~ tsfitzpa

hey love muffin how are u? it's Takiya I just wanted to send some love to ya.I also wanted to let it be known to the brothers & sisters watching your video that you are the truth.I love your products I've given some as gifts and everyone comes back to tell me they couldn't tell the difference between your products,and the expensive designer brands.Thanks again love may the Lord continue to bless you with all that's good love you ;o). ~ Takiya, New York

Hi Lucretia, Just wanted to let you know that I received my Cashmere Mist yesterday and love it! The caliber of customer service you have provided to me has really made me feel valued. Thank you again for your wonderful talent, see/talk to you at the next order! ~Johanne

hey Love we got the oil I want to say it came Monday.Antonio & I love it ;o).He put it one then woke me.I was like "what is that smell?". Girl you hooked him up that oil is awesome.Thank you so much beloved take care stay blessed & beautiful. Takiya from NY ;o)

Hello Miss Lucretia! I just wanted to get back with you about my order I had back in November. Order number 444 had to be re-shipped because I didn't receive the first one. Well, I received the replacement order just at Christmas time and was very pleased with the items! I said I would let you know that I received them and I am truly sorry that I took so long. I moved during that time and I'm just getting settled. I will be sure to order more of your lovely fragrances in the future! Thanks for making quality items and having wonderful customer service! Thanks again! ~ Meika S White

Just want to say i received the hole order and i'm loving it! Really keep up the good work. Thank you. ~ Paris, FRANCE

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I received my oder today and my my my...Ms. Lady...awesome! Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and also thank you for putting out such an EXCELLENT product. You are a Class A person with a Class A product. ~Lt. Maurice Jackson, Honolulu, Hawaii

I received Viva la juicy and black women and they both are very good. I ordered annuci for my hubby and he's been wearing it ERRday!! It smells great on him. I will be ordering very soon!! thks Lucretia. May God continue to bless you and I pray for continued prosperity for your business!! ~ Nekk124

MS. LUCRETIA!!!!! I had to send you an email because I just got my oils in the mail and MS. LUCRETIA when I tell you they are OFF THE CHAIN, they are OFF THE CHAIN!!!! OH MY GOODNESS.. I love all of them. I'm sitting here looking crazy and in awe because of the smell of P***Y, tell me why I've been sniffing the bottle for like 20 minutes LOL!! Now I see what everyone is talking about, IT REALLY IS ADDICTIVE!!! I will most definitely be ordering more oils and I want to try the body sprays for the spring sale! ~ Keep up the great work and God Bless!~Latasha, Chicago, Illinois ~

Love the oils, will order more! Be Delicious was dead on! My co workers cannot believe its an oil! ~MicahVincent84

Hello hello Ms. Lucretia, I've received the samples & I am so happy, they smell so so good, thank you, I will be ordering from you very soon & I will spread the word about Ms. Lucretia. Again, thanks a bunch, you have a great weekend!

I am getting so many compliments on my fragrances!!! ~ ladyrose01z


Hey Mrs Lucretia, I received my samples today and OH MY GOODNESS! ! ! They smell just like the real thing and I love the pussy perfume! Those are very big samples! You will definately be getting an order from me on the 31st! Thank you and have a blessed day! ~ Mzwinnie07

Thank You OMG!!! I received my order today and I felt like a kid in a candy store...I opened my package immediately and sprayed the P**SY and my 9 yr old son immediately asked "MOMMA WHAT WAS THAT, IT SMELLS GOOOOD" (LMAO)!!! I have told every perfume addict (lol) I know about you! Continue to be blessed and I will be placing another order this week. I can't wait until my hubbie gets home to see what he thinks ;.) ~ FabandThick30

Hi Lucretia, I was just wondering if you do international shipping and if you don't do you think you would be anytime soon cause i really want to buy some of your products. I live in Perth, Australia. ~xoxo Aruna

Hey Love, I wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my purchase. I had a ball shopping today as you can see, and my honey got some stuff too. Then I called one of my good friends, and she went crazy shopping. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! She said she's going to do a video when the oils come Lord willing. Take care Love you're so sweet stay blessed & beautiful. ~ Takiya from NY

I received my order today and all I can say is WOW!!! Your products smell exactly like the Philosophy brand perfumes. They actually smell better!!!! I am always so satisfied with your products. This Amazing Grace Perfume is going to drive my husband crazy!!!~shinasway777

Bonjour! Ms. Lucretia, I wanted to tell you that I finally received my order today (after a MONTH!) Thanks to Customs! LOL But honnneeeyyyy it was mos def worth the wait! Thanks ~ Sandra Rubalt ~ Paris, France

Lucretia!!!! I cant wait to recieve my sprays!!! I just placed my order for the mother's day special along with other scents I've been waiting to try!! Thank you for supporting breast cancer research as my mother is a survivor!! I just want to tell you keep up the great work and GOD BLESS!!!~goldenme23

love the whole idea around this, can't wait till my daughter is old enough for one of those bags. those names are great. ur mom is full of knowledge, you're both like modern einstein's. Brilliant, 10stars. xx ~ColumbianDark ~ United Kingdom

I went by the site earlier and seen the ad and I broke out my calander to make sure I don't miss out on this deal. Thanks soo much for having the special for Mothers. ~Lovely

So far I've ordered five frangrances from you and all were FANTASTIC. No more department store perfume for me. LOL! But I have a little dilemena. I'm looking to order my 13 year some of your frangrances but there's so many to choose from. I was hoping for some recommendations or samples (if possible). My daughter loves the sweet/fruity/summery smells. To give you a better idea of her taste in perfume, she currently has sugar cane & heiress perfume. ~ Ms. Shears

"Hey Lucretia, I know you get it all the time but you have really change my views on perfume. NOTHING will make me EVER buy perfume (oil) from anyone else again but YOU....you are the best!" ~ Taretta

Hello Ms Lucretia!! My name is Megan order No.14150 and I just recieved your oils from the mothers days special!!!! I LLLOOOVVVEEE these oils!! I was sooo excited to get them in and when they arrived today I had to try them all on!! My favorite is J'Adore!! I love that purfume and Im so in love with your oils. I have no idea how you match them perfectly but BBAAABBYY let me tell you I was smelling myself all day long!!! I also ordered many other scents but the Black Woman and the "P" uh huh...they smell great.The "P" was really light, kind of hard for me to smell but its still good. I will definitely order more and more and more from you.~ Megan Morris, Lafayette, LA

Miss Lucretia you have a fan for life! I purchased 7 scents (and going to purchase many more) I LOVE them all I was not disappointed no more store perfumes for me the body oils are the way to go! ~phillylove1015

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I LOVEEEEE the Mother's Day Gift bag...OMG!!! I will be able to use it for so many things, especially since I travel alot. Girlllll you know you can come up with some AWESOME ideas and this was a great cause, seeing that my sister is a Breast Cancer Survivor! Well keep up the good work and may GOD continue to shine on you and your business! ~ Mary Carter, Alabama

I love the scents and I can't wait to see what effect they have on my husband. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks again. Chris---

Hello Ms. Lucretia, I received my package today and I LOVE EVERYTHING! I was really shocked to receive it this soon seeing that I live in England, but i should have known that you would deliver, you are just that type of person, expecially with hearing ALL the reviews about you. lady are are doing your thing. What will you come up with next. My daughter LOVES her Sweet InnoScents bag, she is such a DIVA. I tell her that this is from her AUNT Lucretia (hope you don't mind that), but you just make me feel like family when I talk with you. Well anyway, keep up the good work and god bless you. ~ Wendy Trameale, Alcester, ENGLAND.---


My name is Brenda (customer #2380) I recently received my last order from you. The oils smell so good that's it hard to decide which one to wear first. I just have one concern, when I opened the package and unwrapped the body oils, one of the bottle was leaking a bit. The cap was loose (only a little came out). All in all you have a great product and ALL my friends will know about you. I've given your business cards to several people. Keep up the good work. I'll be ordering again soon.~ Brenda

Hello Lucretia just wanted to let you know that I received my Mother's Day Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Bag today. It is very nice and MUCH Bigger than I thought. The picture did it NO justice. I also loved ALL of the scents that came with it. Well I know that you are busy busy busy, but make sure that you take time out to enjoy your Mother's Day. Happy Mother Day Ms. Lucretia. ~ Sarah Carson, JAPAN

Lucretia, That's soooo awesome I'm happy for you and the other vendors. May God bless your businesses beyond that which your eyes can see. There is only abundance!xoxo namaste,LaSha' (KayeLaSha' from YouTube)p.s. I thought I'd reference where you know me as your business grows I would imagine it may be difficult to keep track. :D

Ms. Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I received your NEWSLETTER via email, I told my husband, "This woman is going to end up on Oprah!". Girl you are doing such positive things. We just love you in Florida! Keep up the EXCELLENT work and I will continue to patron you! Lucretia, do you realize what God has in store for you? WOW! GET Ready! Well, I am sure that you are getting a taste of it right now, because I know how busy busy busy you are. When are you going to hire some staff to help you? I know that you mentioned it in some of our conversations. My son needs a job, he will travel for food! LOL Love ya girl! Shamecia Taylor, FLORIDA

Hey Lady, I got the email with your radio spot! All I have to say is keep doing your thing, the sky is the limit for you. Rosey, NEW YORK NEW YORK!

Hi Lucretia,How are you? I hope fine. I recently ordered a couple of fragrances from your website. I am excited to receive them, since this is my first time using your products. I have heard great things, hopefully I will be able to spread the same news. I was wondering if you could send me a sample of Viva la Juicy? Thanks in advance. Positively Unique,~ Jamie B.

I just placed another order loving your oils to much. I have coworkers coming up to me to see how i smell every night. One girl said i don't want you to think i am funny be you smell so good, I realize i love anything with a vanilla undersent if you have any suggestions except straight vanilla let me know.today i want a sample of Michelle Obama, Covet and Halle Berry. Thank you so much for everything. ~Charmetra Alexander

The fragrances I ordered OMG they smell so good and last a long time. I was truly impressed that the quality of these are long lasting. I recommend Ms. Lucretia to everyone who ask me about what I'm wearing and I tell them where I get them from. ~Demetris Butler, Brusyl, LA

The radio commerical that you sent me is VERY PROFESSIONAL! I wish you and the other vendors much success. I know if you (Ms. Lucretia) has anything to do with it, it WILL be nothing but SUCCESSFUL! ~Claire Beaumount, FlORIDA

Hello Lucretia received my 5th order from you today and you already know how I am feeling about your products! GIRL keep doing what you do! Love ya girl Ms. Carnetta Casey, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Okay I wanted to PROVE to my husband that your oils make people harass you but he didn't believe me. LOL...I sprayed the Curve oil on him and I sprayed the Ed Hardy oil on myself...so together we smelled like A DREAM !!! GUUUURRRLLL...We walked in that grocery store and just picking up some bread and some milk turned into a 30 minute visit!! "Whatchu got on?!?!"..."what's that smell??"...People were stopping us LEFT and RIGHT....I counted...we got stopped by 17 people. People need to be aware of when they are in a rush and trying to get somewhere they DO NOT need to wear your oils...and if they don't plan on making new friends they don't need to wear it either ! Angie Blackwell-Addison, St. Paul Minnesota

I have been "chomping at the bit" to order some stuff from you, I finally had a little extra to do it...lol... Oprah need to know about you! lol...Thanks for always responding and being so nice... That is the best customer service, well you make me feel like family instead of a customer!!! KUDOS to you... I will keep spreading the word about you.. and I want to do a youtube about your scents too, as soon as I get my order..Have a great Memorial Weekend... and try and get some rest...lol ~Patricia Kirven, Dallas TX

Hi Lucretia,Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate your outstanding customer service. I am glad that, I was introduced to your products. Have a blessed Day. ~ Positively Unique, Jamie B.

Hey Lucretia, see you on Saturday! Can't wait to meet you FINALLY. I will be passing through Champaign on my way to Chicago. So I am going to stop by the 'Just Between Us Women' Event. I will be bringing a couple of friends too! WE WANT OILS!!!! ~Lisa Clarkson, St. Louis, MO

Hi Lucretia,I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just received a couple of my fragrances and I am pleased with the quality and the smell. I can't wait until the rest of my order arrives. I am very excited. I will spread the word in California, telling everybody how great your company is. No more department store fragrances! Positively Unique, ~Jamie B., California

Hey Ms. Lucretia, I am just now getting a chance to look at your Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays MAY 2009 NEWSLETTER. I found it to be very informative and very professionally done. I love the way you incorporated everything that you have done within the month. In other words...everything in ONE email. I know how complicated it must have been for you to have all these different emails going out to everyone of your customers. Believe me LESS is MORE! Again GREAT job! Girl do your THING!!!! Lisa Mabeline ~ IOWA

Very nice Newsletter! I am glad and proud to be one of your customers. Hopefully, I will be able to do and send more business your way. ~ Pulchratia Kinney-Smith

Ok Ms. Lucretia...I am waiting on the 'Father's Day Sale/Special'. Keep me posted. Love ya girl! Theresa, FLORIDA

GIRL GIRL GIRL! Your Customer Service is SUPERB!!!!! My Mom told me about the conversation that you and her had on the phone. She now calls you her daughter! That is such a compliment, because my Mother can be a stickler at times. KUDOS to you! My Mom is SOLD on Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, just on Customer Service alone, I can't wait until she gets her order, girl she might put you in her will! LOL. Take care girl. ~ Lisa McPhatton, ALASKA

Happy Friday Lucretia!I meant to ask you, if you ever decide to do some type of franchising, please consider me.. I would love to sell your oils..I've been running to the mailbox and watching for the ups guy to come... I soo excited about getting my order...Pat yourself on the back!!! You know its good if people are watching their mailboxes...LOL!!.. I bought some oils from Nantucket oils in San Francisco, and I didn't get as much and it did not SMELL as great as yours.. I paid $45 for a 1/2 oz...won't ever do that gain, and that was 3 yrs and 2 kids ago....LOL!!!..I can't roll like that anymore...lol... But even being paycheck to paycheck, I can squeeze out enough to splurge every now and again. Your products are value pack and priced...ok...I'm a fan!! lol...anyway, you have a great weekend! ~Patricia Kirven

Ok Ms. Lady...I am mad at you...I heard through the grapevine what's on your mind? You probably won't tell me, but I've already heard (your secret is safe with me). Girllllll if you go through with what I've heard you are about to do, this WILL really put you on the map! Sistah you are NOT playing, OMG I can't wait for the world to see this. I also heard that you are taking your time with this and praying about it, but trust me, God's got your back and so do I. WOW! Do it Missy! You were right when you said, "followers EAT MY DUST, I AM IN GOD'S FAVOR". Lisa Ronald ~ New Jersey

Hey Ms Cretia, just wanted to say love ya girl and I love your products. Keep up the good customer service and the good work! Remember, "You can be often imitated but Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays can't be duplicated". A customer for LIFE~ ebonybrowneyes6

Lucretia, I am so happy with my order... And my mom got her "samples" today!!! Thank you so much for doing that for her...She loves it and wants to place an order too.... I have a couple of people at work that love what I got and they want to order too.. I'm going to probably just make one big order for all of us, and have it come to my job... But I'm telling everyone about your oils.... I'm smelling like"Pink Sugar" right now....lol...Thanks again!!!! ~ Patricia Kirven, Dallas, TX

Ms. Lucretia's Body Oils and Sprays, I just wanted to tell you that you are such a treasure! I admire you and your accomplishments. God Bless you! ~ Sgt. Martha Smith-Perkins, Ft. Hood Texas

Hey Lady, girrrrrlll you know you are a trip. I really enjoyed talking to you the other day on the phone. I was laughing soooo hard my husband was looking at me like I was crazy. Your customer service is top notch! Did you see the $401.95 order that I just placed? I told you that it was going to be BIG!!! Don't think that is ALL mine. I'm an perfume addict but I'm not that extreme. I had serveral co-workers place orders. I was glad to see that you NOW have True Religion. I remember that I mentioned that to you some months back and you said it was coming. Girl one thing I can say about you is you are on your stuff. Well take care sweetness and continue to keep us smelling good and ALWAYS keep us laughing! LaDonna Chrisel, Omaha,Nebraska

Hello the Ms Beautiful, I finally got around to placing an order with you. Thanks for thinking of us Men for products and Father's Day! I ordered 3 Maleman bags, one for me, one for my Father, and one for My grandfather. Have a good day! Michael Brown

Greetings from London, I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you are getting some REST! ms. lucretia you are most definitely a woman on the move. I really enjoyed your last newsletter, OMG! I could not believe that was your mother. she looks so young. She is beautiful just like you. Well as you can see I just placed another order...this one was huge! I know that customs is going to charge me this outrageous price to pick it up, but to me it's worth it. Plus I am splittng the cost with family and co-workers. I LOVE YOUR OILS! Ms. Lucretia what are you going to do next? I know that you have something up your sleeve. I don't blame you for keeping it hush hush due to HATERS and people trying to copy your style. You keep doing what you are doing, people are ALWAYS going to try and FOLLOW you BUT they will NEVER BE YOU. God Bless your business. Love ya! ~Sinekita Werrielle ~ LONDON

Lucretia, can't wait to see you in Ohio, I was suprised when my sister told me the other day that you confirmed your reservations. I know that you are busy, but this will bring you alot more exposure to your business. I have been spreading the word about you and your superior customer service. You are going to make some $$$$$ at this Bridal Show. There are alot of vendors who sale perfumes and Oils, but nothing can compare to your products. Will you be bringing other products too? Let me know if I can be of any assistance during your stay. Tracey McDaniel, Dayton, OH

Hey Lady can you tell me when your next 'Just Between Us Women' event will be? I know that in your last newsletter you said the date TBA. Please keep me posted! I want to make sure that I reserve my place. I heard that it is going to be invitation by VIP only since you are having it in a Presidential Suite. Girl you are BIG TIME now! LOL ...Don't forget about me. ~Shell Smith

Lucretia, I know you've been doing this for quite some time now, but I'm just now knowing about it, and I just wanna say that I'm so proud of u. I know that there are a lotta haters and jealous people in this world (which I really don't understand why) but personally, I love it when we (black folks) are successful....I love it. Congratulations girl, and I wish u all the success in the world. Take care sweetie. ~Tan Y. McCain, Ft Hood, Texas

Hello Ms. Lucretia, WOW! you are most definitely doing it Lady! Sorry that I did not get to speak to you today at Lincoln Square, but your table was over flowing with people that love your oils as much as I do. Gon Girl! Your personality will take you a LONG way! Take care and God Bless you!~ Tammy

I love the Gucci Rush the best out all the perfumes I have received. I get so many compliments from my church family. I spray a little on the palm of my hand and rub it on my hair and skin. It last all day. I think I will order another two bottles for back-up. One 1oz for my purse and a 2oz bottle to put in office. I should order some room deodorizer for the house too. All Gucci Rush, of course. Thanks again,~ Donnice

Good Evening,I love your fragrance oils and the customer service. I have a favorite body lotion I use. There is no perfume for it. It is called razac body lotion. It is sold in beauty supply stores. It is a white bottle with burgundy letters showing, "razac" on it. Is it possible to make a body oil out of it? I would definitely purchase the body oils if you can make it. Thank you and have wonderful day. ~Melissa

Ms. Lucretia...I just place the 'BIG One" (Fred Sanford). Girlllll this order will last me I know at least a good 6 months to a year. $397 whewww, my husband was like you better treat this like Keith Sweat, and 'make if last forever'. LOLLLLLL! Well thanks Ms. Lady and I look forward to getting my order. Will I receive this before Father's Day? If not it's ok since it's ALL for me and my daughter! ~ Vicki Grewlund, California

Hello Lucretia, I FINALLY caught this sale. I am SO Happy. I know you are probably thinking that I am selling your products seeing that I order so much. But I had to make up for the last few sales that I missed. I don't know how I missed them, I must have been hiding up under a rock. LOL..but I'm glad that I caught this one seeing that you said this will be the last sale for a while. Well girl, I wish you much success! ~Gabrielle Johnson, FLO-RI-DA

Hello Ms. Lucretia, Ok...I just went on your Facebook page and girl you got it sewed up with customers! WOW! I then went on Twitter and you are there too and with a TON of customers just loving you and your oils, then to top it off I went to your My Space page and I be D**! You got em' lined up there too. WOW! You are most definitely MARKETING yourself! I am so proud and happy for you. You KEEP DOING YOUR THING! I just read through ALL of your customer testimonials, INTERNATIONAL??? Again WOW! The sky is the Limit for you. I had no idea you were working it like this! I'm impressed. Did you get hooked up with that Company in ATL yet? If not...keep negotiating, it's coming!~ Marcia Dunlap

I recently ordered the falling in love and amazing grace fragrances by philosophy. They are actually better than the originals. Have you considered doing the pure grace fragrance by philosophy? It is hands down the best soap and water clean scent. ~juniels

"Love your oils. I wear them everyday." Msdevo from LHCF (Long Hair Care Forum).

Hello Lucretia, I just placed another order. I am LOVING the new website, The colors are vibrant and the site is very inviting. You are on it lady! Doris Hunter, Alabama

Hello Ms. Lucretia. My name is Brandi Harris I am 19 years old. I am writing you because I am very interested in your purchasing some of your body oils. Like many others, I love to smell good. I love it when I step in a place and everyone looks up because it smells like Heaven walked in. =D. I have a few fragrance oils that I purchased from a shop in New York City that's pretty good but i'm am very interested in seeing what your fragrances are like. I watched all of the videos about your oils and all of the women have me so eager to buy some!!! I usually get one or two different scents but I'm want to add to my collection. I would like to know if you can recommend some oils, tell me your favorites and the customer favorites. I usually like the sweet to the nose smell, or the soapy just got out the shower smell, basically the smells that when you walk past someone they cant help but say "damn you smell really good". =D. Thank you for your help in advance I look forward to your response. Your future customer, May God Bless You Brandi PS: To sample these fragrances i was think of ordering the customize you own gift bag with small samples of your recommendations. Do you think that's the best way to go??? PSS: Once I receive your oils I plan to make a video review as my first video on youtube, just to show others my appreciation and so people can see that your oils are for all age groups and so I can be apart of spreading the word and help you target girls in college, like myself, who are not aware of your business.Brandi Harris

Good morning Lucretia! I'm loving your oils girl, you are the truth!! Ummilkhair Paul (Facebook)

Wow...you are so awesome! Thank you so much. (tears in my eyes)You made my day...Favor is so wonderful!Much love. Jaquenette Terry, Inglewood CA

Ms. Lucretia. I have heard your name mentioned so many times on various channels that I had to come by, subscribe and see what I need to order from you. Have a blessed weekend. (btw) My sister is named Lucretia. ~ScunnieSweetness

Hi Ms. Lucretia, I received my 4 Maleman Bags today and just in time for Father's Day. OMG! That OBAMA smells so great! Thanks so much for thinking about the men in our lives. I have 4 special men in my life and I am positive that they will all enjoy these gift bags. I am also sure that they will be ordering from you too and passing the word about the 'Ms. Wonderful Lucretia'. Also thanks for the business cards that I requested. May God continue to bless you and keep you. ~Theresa Morgan, KANSAS

Good Morning Ms. Lucretia, I got all of my lotions today. I just love your lotions. They are so think and creamy and it feels like silk when you put it on your skin. I don't know how you mix them, but keep doing what you do. I love how you have this 'Bath and Body Works thing going on', Bath Bombs?!! Never heard of them, but I'm getting them on my next order, because I am sure if you have anything to do with them, I can't go WRONG! Well take care Ma'am. ~ Lola Benson, Tacoma, Washington

U R Beautiful :) GOD bless U Sista Wyinuza

Ms. Cretia, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! so much for the 'Honey Moon' Gift Set and everything was in one piece, whewwwwww!. I knew when I left this 'U Create it Gift Set' in your hands, it was like putting it in the hands of creator! (winking). I LOVE IT! Girl you have such a talent for creativity, no wonder people are trying to duplicate your work and your efforts! But they will NEVER be you honey trust me! Well talk to you later ~Tara Jones-Phillips, Dallas, Texas


Good Afternoon Lucretia, I just wanted to let you know that I just subscribed to your Newsletters. I got mine forwarded to me from my sister (Kimberly Johnson who is a LOYAL customer of yours). I really enjoyed it. It was FUN, informative, and CLASSY. It contained just the right amount of information and it was NOT cluttered with bunch of text. You know this day and age where everyone is in a hurry, if you want everyone to read something that you have to say, you have to make it BRIEF and to the POINT. You also have to make it interesting. I love that you involve your family and YOU PUT GOD ALL up in it to! I can't wait to see your July Issue. I will be passing the word about you. You can believe that! ~Latrese Bailey, California

"I LOVE MY LUCRETIA'S OILS!!!!!!!" Tarcha Fullmore(Facebook)

Lucretia, when will you be sending out the invites for your next 'Just between us women event'? I heard through the grapevine who the vendors will be. Please! Please! Please! make sure you keep me in the loop. I want to get pampered like everyone else! Girl you are spending some $$$$Bucks on this. But I am sure you can afford it. P.S. I got my permission slip signed by my husband to attend this event, so you better make sure that I am on that VIP list (LMAO). This is going to be a BLAST!!! Let me know if I need to bring anything, but knowing you, you are setting EVERYTHING out! I will just make sure to bring some money. Love ya girl! BTW you have taken this Oil business to a WHOLLLLEEEE different level. My hat is off to you girly! PSS LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE TOO! Gon Girl! Lisa Clarke-Johnson, Kankakee, IL

Thanks for the 'Amen' oil; it is spicy and lovely! Kevin Thurber, KOREA

Lucretia my day was going downhill quickly, my Mon/Tue/Wed hasn't been the greatest. Today, you made my heart smile. You remembered something I liked (Dior Addict)..... and you just sent it to me unexpectedly, girl girl girl...from my heart... thank you...you restored my day. In that gesture of kindness, I will continue to give and give whole-heartedly and not feel pity when it's not reciprocated. The young person you were was awesome but the woman you are is GREAT!! ...We are truly amongst the blessed w/o pretense...Amen. ~XOXO Lena Davis, ATLANTA

I just placed my first order a few hours ago. Ever since I saw Ateya's video I've been wanting to order! I searched through all her videos until I found the video where she talked about you! crystrill (Youtube)

Ms. Lucretia just a brief note to say 'YOU are on your stuff girl! I LOVEEEEEEE my last order the Bath Bombs are like WOW! Lush has nothing on yours! take care lady! Cynthia Lereau, North Dakota